Whitetails Unlimited Deer Camp Tour Kicks Off

Whitetails Unlimited Deer Camp Tour Kicks Off in Ohio
Expanded Deer Camp Tour helps fund WTU national projects.

Whitetails Unlimited
Whitetails Unlimited

Ohio –-(AmmoLand.com)- Whitetails Unlimited’s 2009-2010 Deer Camp Tour, a series of regional or statewide fundraising events, got a rousing start with an event in Ohio last Saturday.

“This is going to be our best series of Deer Camps yet,” said WTU Executive Director Pete Gerl.

This year the Deer Camp Tour is being expanded to 16 events in eight states, with the next event being held on the Iowa/Nebraska border in late October, followed by the New York State Deer Camp in early November. The Deer Camp concept started more than a decade ago with a single event in northern Wisconsin.

“The money we raised last year was essential in expanding many of our nationwide programs,” said WTU Executive Director Pete Gerl, “and we’re very excited about this year’s events. The response from our members and our industry sponsors, both regional and national, has been outstanding.”

Proceeds from WTU Deer Camps help fund some of Whitetails Unlimited’s programs that have national scope, such as Project POLITE, My First Deer, Whitetail Watch, Comprehensive Deer Management, and WTU’s Kids on Target.

Even during this time of national economic trouble, advance ticket sales for these events have been strong. In addition, support from the outdoor industry for sponsoring Deer Camps is ahead of last year, according to Dave Hawkey, WTU’s vice president of field operations.

“Having quality sponsors makes for a quality event, and sponsors are very important to the success of our Deer Camps. Keep in mind that the people who attend WTU Deer Camps are passionate deer hunters, and therefore our sponsors are able to get their message and products in front of a very targeted and motivated audience. In the end, everyone has a great time at the Deer Camp event, the sponsors get exposure to their exact target consumers, and WTU’s conservation programs ultimately benefit after the Deer Camp is over. These events are a winner for everyone,” said Hawkey.

Last year eight Deer Camps were held in four states: one each in Illinois, Iowa, and Michigan; and five in Wisconsin. Due to the successful history of WTU Deer Camp events, the schedule has been expanded to 16 Deer Camps for 2009-10, with single events in New York, Illinois, Missouri, and Texas; a pair of events in Iowa and Michigan; three events in Ohio; and five events in Wisconsin.

“Throughout the history of the Deer Camps, WTU has built a reputation based on quality events that support high quality conservation programs,” said Hawkey.

Gerl added that, “The hunters and conservationists who attend our Deer Camps, and the businesses that partner with us to be sponsors at these events, combine to allow us to accomplish our mission of education, conservation, and preservation of an American tradition. It may be a cliché to say that we’re nothing without our members and sponsors, but it’s true. Working together we can accomplish amazing things, and our thanks go out to everyone involved.”

Gerl said that the entire Whitetails Unlimited organization has worked hard to get everything in order to put on twice as many Deer Camps as last year, but everything is going smoothly.

“Our field directors bear the biggest load, but the national headquarters team is doing everything they can to support the efforts of the field staff. Deer Camps are a distinctive event, featuring additional merchandise and sponsored items, and even different dinner items, events and locations from our normal events. Deer Camps normally sell out, and we get great people attending. Everyone is excited about these events.”

Founded in 1982, Whitetails Unlimited is a national nonprofit conservation organization. Our mission is to raise funds in support of education, habitat enhancement and acquisition, and the preservation of the hunting tradition for the benefit of the white-tailed deer and other wildlife. When it comes to the whitetail and its environment, WTU’s degree of professionalism and dedication has earned us the reputation of being the nation’s premier whitetail organization.