Archery Pro Shops Vote the F-15 Expandable Broadhead ‘Best Buy’ in Inside Archery’s Awards

Archery Pro Shops Vote the F-15 Expandable Broadhead “Best Buy” in Inside Archery’s Awards
F-15TM Soars to New Heights with Retailers.

Carbon Express
Carbon Express

FLUSHING, Mich. –-( Carbon Express®, a leading innovator of high performance hunting and target arrows is proud to announce that their new line of F-15 TM broadheads have been awarded the prestigious Inside Archery’s annual Best Buy Award. The award represents the finest archery products offered to retailers nationwide.

The Carbon Express F-15TM received the “Best Buy” award in the front pivot expandable broadhead category – while the F-15 Fixed Blade received an honorable mention in the fixed blade broadhead category.

“We are honored to see the F-15 achieve this level of acceptance from the retail community in it’s first year,” stated Stephen Graham, the company’s Director of Marketing. “This award is a testament to the hard work and innovative spirit that our Carbon Express team possesses,” remarked Graham.

The F-15TM is the only broadhead with dual side-by-side cutting blades. The two razor sharp blades provide six cutting edges that create a 250% greater wound opening than conventional single blade broadheads. The result – significantly greater blood loss, a better blood trail, and ultimately a faster kill.

Manufactured using a patented process that utilizes 440 stainless steel and a pressure injected mold (PIM), the F-15TM is a solid one piece broadhead that is extremely durable, offers precision, straightness and razor sharp performance – times two.

The F-15TM is available in two models: The F-15TM Dual Blade – a fixed blade broadhead, and the F-15TM expandable. The 100 grain fixed dual blade broadhead features a 1 1/8” cutting diameter, with .030” blades. The 100 grain expandable features 4 parallel expandable .030” blades with a cutting diameter of 1 3/8”. Both broadheads feature an aggressive, yet streamlined cut on contact design that provides superior penetration and whisper quiet flight.

The broadheads are so advanced with patented dual blade technology, it’s like shooting the animal twice!

About Carbon Express
Carbon Express®, an Eastman Outdoors Inc. brand, is the leading manufacturer of high performance carbon hunting and target arrows and arrow components for hunters and target shooters worldwide. For more information or technical specs, visit or contact customer service at 800.241.4833