Eight Must Know Treestand Safety Tips

Eight “Must Know” Treestand Safety Tips

Eight “Must Know” Treestand Safety Tips
Eight “Must Know” Treestand Safety Tips
Outdoor Alabama
Outdoor Alabama

Alabama –-(AmmoLand.com)-Hunting is easily one of the safest outdoor recreational activities.

However, each season accidents happen that could have been easily avoided.

Hunters are encouraged to follow a few simple treestand safety precautions in order to have a safe and hopefully successful season.

Below are eight treestand safety tips that will keep you hunting safely.

  1. Use a full body harness from the time you leave the ground until you come back down.
  2. Choose a straight, healthy tree in which to place the stand.
  3. Inspect your treestand at the beginning of the season and before each use.
  4. Make sure your stand is fastened to the tree securely and that the tree is the right size.
  5. Test your treestand slightly off the ground to make sure it is safe.
  6. Unload your gun prior to pulling it up with a strong cord or rope.
  7. Avoid excessive movement that could cause you to lose your balance.
  8. Clear away obstructive branches before shooting from a stand.
  9. The hunting accident rate has been improving over past decades. In fact, the past few hunting seasons have been the safest on record. Improved hunter awareness coupled with mandatory hunter education has made a safe activity even safer.

For more treestand safety tips including video, visit http://www.outdooralabama.com/hunting/safety.cfm.