Frigid Forage Partners with BuckEye Cam

Frigid Forage Partners with BuckEye Cam

American Deer & Wildlife Alliance
American Deer & Wildlife Alliance

ONAMIA, Minn. –-( Fridge Forage products work! Want to see? Now you can monitor the activity of food plots thanks to a partnership between Frigid Forage and BuckEye Cam. Frigid Forage, who makes hardy weather tolerant food plot blends is partnering with ATSI, the maker of the BuckEye Cam to help promote both food plots and trail cameras.

“We have several cameras on our food plots throughout the property. Whenever a picture is taken it is sent back to the lodge through a wireless feed and is automatically uploaded to the Frigid Forage website” says John Barsody, owner of Frigid Forage.

These cameras were crafted and designed to withstand the elements and are also battery operated and have solar chargers so once they are set up you don not have to disturb the area by returning to retrieve your photos! After set up, all you have to do is sit back and watch the activity on your food plot. Any further changes to the cameras settings can be done right from your computer.

From hearty, fast-growing annual food plot blends that deer cannot resist, to perennial blends that will give your deer and upland birds a protein-rich food source for years to come, choose Frigid Forage Inc. Now with the BuckEye Cams you should look no further than Fridge Forage for your food plot blends because you can see the product in action. There is not doubt these products work and these live BuckEye Cams these products show their worth!

As a member of the American Deer & Wildlife Alliance (ADWA), Frigid Forage plays a role in supporting the farmers and landowners who invest in their land, and therefore keeping rural lands from becoming urbanized.

ADWA’s Operations Manager Alicia Clements says, “Frigid Forage has built a reputation on providing hardy, weather tolerant food plots used by our members and now they are taking their business to the next level by integrating these BuckEye Cams. This is very advanced for food plot monitoring. Kudos to Fridge Forage for advancing in their field.”

To see Frigid Forage in action and how it can help to provide larger and healthier game visit for extensive ‘how-to’ information. Frigid Forage is owned and operated by John Barsody, who also owns the Mille Lacs Hunting Lodge. For more information on Mille Lacs Hunting Lodge visit

To learn more about ATSI, and the BuckEye Cam, please visit or

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