How Prepared Are You With Your Gun

How Prepared Are You With Your Gun?

Rockford, IL –-( If you’re like me, you own and maybe even carry firearms to be prepared for the unknown. You’ve probably had safety training and some marksmanship or defense training as well. We all do this to be ready in case we have to defend ourselves or our family.

I was unprepared one time, however, not for defending myself against a violent attack, but for the legal implications of carrying. Far too often, gun owners are treated as second-class citizens, and even worse — as criminals. Being prepared is looked at by some as a crime!

Although I was following the law – I even carried a copy of the law with me – I was still arrested, charged, and had to defend myself in court. The charges were later dismissed, but it cost me a small fortune. While I was prepared to protect myself from attack, I was not prepared to deal with false charges.

Since then people from Illinois and even other states have contacted me looking for help because they wound up similar situations. It was too difficult to help them all, but I did what I could.

A little over a year ago I started a group called the Gun Owners Fellowship. It is a support network for gun owners who use a gun for self-defense, OR face prosecution/harassment or other persecution because they chose to be prepared instead of being a victim.

We’ve grown to about 100 members since then. There’s a small one-time fee to join as a life member, and then no one ever has to pay another dime unless one of the members needs support. If a member is arrested or harassed in any way because of his or her responsible use or possession of a firearm, all the members band together to help him or her out.

So far no one has needed the support, which is fantastic because dealing with legal issues is very stressful and difficult. I’m glad that myself and our other members have NOT had to pay any recurring cost either!

Check out the website and see what our members have to say about it. It’s very secure knowing that other people are there if I need it. I also like knowing that I can finally help people if they get in trouble that they don’t deserve.

We support concealed carry, open carry, and all lawful and responsible use of firearms for self-defense and defense of family. Our members’ spouses are even covered with their membership.

This is very different and not to be confused with insurance or casualties. The advantage is it costs next to nothing and there are no monthly or yearly dues. You don’t pay unless someone really needs it.

Thanks for checking it out and we hope to welcome you and yours into the Fellowship! If you have any questions, you can reply to this email or call the number on the Fellowship website and I will personally do my best to help you.

Stay safe,
Shaun Kranish Founder,
Gun Owners Fellowship
1817 18th Avenue, Rockford, IL 61104, USA
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11 years ago

Did you then sue the arresting officer as an individual for violating your civil rights? If not, why not? Even if you might have lost, he would have had to spend HIS money on defending himself. Since you showed him the law and he proceeded to arrest you, he may have overstepped his bounds as an officer of the Court and could be held liable as and individual. I suggest you discuss this with a competent attorney. If everyone who is found not guilty would do this, the officers would think twice before arresting anyone. They even sell insurance at… Read more »