It’s More Than A Rally It’s Our Stand For The Future of Angling, Hunting And Conservation

It’s More Than A Rally It’s Our Stand For The Future of Angling, Hunting And Conservation

Rescue Our Outdoors Rally
Rescue Our Outdoors Rally
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance

New Egypt, NJ –-( It’s more than a rally; it’s OUR stand for the future prosperity of angling, hunting and all forms of conservation. It is a future that was given to us by past generations – by people like Teddy Roosevelt, Aldo Leopold and many more. Will we make the same pledge to our descendants?

How will we be remembered by posterity? Will it be for fighting to preserve access to the great outdoors – or will history record that OUR generation turned its back on those that followed?

Attending the R.O.O.R. Rally is OUR generation’s statement about OUR commitment to fishing, hunting and the principles of conservation. OUR attendance will reflect the degree of obligation WE feel to the outdoors. It will be an HONEST measure of OUR commitment.

It’s not about the rally; it’s about the future of angling, hunting and conservation in New Jersey. Will we allow our great outdoors to be dismantled by Trenton?

Read how it’s being dismantled under “Conservation Report Card.”

Attend R.O.O.R. – it will reflect your commitment to the outdoors!

Tell Trenton you’ve had enough. R.O.O.R. and be heard!

Rescue Our Outdoors Rally
Saturday, October 24, 2009 * 2:00PM
New Egypt Speedway * Free Admission!
720 Pinehurst Rd, Rt. 539 New Egypt, NJ 08533

Music, Food, Fun, Vendors: Bring the family. Guest speakers to include: Chris Christie

Visit our link to learn more about the rally:

Visit our link to review the dismantling of our outdoor interests:

Rain or shine!
We’ll see you on the 24th!
Anthony P. Mauro, Sr.
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance: “We’ve got your back!”

NJOA – New Jersey Outdoor Alliance is the state’s first major political action committee devoted to the task of electing outdoor-minded candidates to public office. NJOA has formed with the support of leaders of major pro-hunting, pro-angling, and pro-trapping organizations. We are not a hunting, fishing, or trapping “club” or “group,” and do not compete with the interests of such organizations. NJOA helps to ensure that strong wildlife and natural resource protection laws are produced by outdoor-minded elected officials. The best way to ensure a “conservation presence” in Trenton is to support the election campaigns of representatives who understand the relationship between a balanced ecology and hunting, fishing, and trapping.