Let’s Put a Buckeye on the NRA Board of Directors

Let’s put a Buckeye on the NRA Board of Directors

Buckeye Firearms Foundation
Buckeye Firearms Foundation

Ohio –-(AmmoLand.com)-We have a chance to get Ken Hanson, our legal guru and author of The Ohio Guide to Firearm Laws, on the NRA Board of Directors.

Not only would this be a great honor, it would help put Ohio gun issues front and center with the most powerful pro-gun organization in the country.

First, we have to get him officially nominated and we need more petition signatures. Will you help us?

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Click here to download a copy of the nominating petition. If you can’t open a pdf document, get Adobe Acrobat free.
  2. Print the petition on LEGAL SIZE paper. We know this is inconvenient, but that’s the rule. No exceptions. If it’s not on legal paper, the NRA won’t accept it. If you can’t print it at home, print it at work. Or go to Kinko’s.
  3. Fully complete line 1 of the petition if you are a voting member of the NRA. (To be a voting member, you must be a life member or an annual member for 5 consecutive years with no lapse in membership.) PRINT CLEARLY in ink. Get everyone you know who is a voting member to sign the petition as well. Collect as many signatures as you can. If you want to go above and beyond, take it to a local gun shop or range and ask them to collect signatures. You can pick it up in a few days.
  4. Mail the petition to Ken Hanson no later than Tuesday, Oct. 20. NO FAXES, PHOTOCOPIES, OR EMAILS ALLOWED. They must be mailed.
Ken Hanson / NRA BOD
15 West Winter Street
Delaware, Ohio 43015

We only need another 29 signatures. We’re SO close. But the time is short. You’ve always come through for us before. And we need you to come through for us again.

Help us get a Buckeye on the NRA Board of Directors!

Buckeye Firearms Association is a grassroots political action committee dedicated to defending and advancing the right of Ohio citizens to own and use firearms for all legal activities.

Buckeye Firearms Association seeks to maximize your rights by endorsing and electing pro-gun candidates on the city, county, and state level, including mayors, sheriffs, legislators, and governor. We also work to defeat anti-gun legislation, pass pro-gun bills, and reform existing laws to benefit all Ohio citizens.

Unlike many anti-gun groups, we do not get our funding or support from wealthy activists or big corporations. We are a non-partisan, all-volunteer organization. Officers and supporters donate their time and skills to the pro-gun cause. Not a single dime from donors is spent on salaries or wasteful overhead. In fact, every penny is used to support political campaigns, influence public opinion, and advance gun rights around Ohio.

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No thanks. Ken Hanson is a poor attorney who always needs other attorneys to fix his mistakes and cover for him. Plus, he actively participates in dishonest activities to try to hurt any other gun rights group to further his personal agenda.