Outdoors Magazine Adds Cutting-Edge Content

Outdoors Magazine Adds Cutting-Edge Content

Outdoors Magazine Adds Cutting-Edge Content
Outdoors Magazine Adds Cutting-Edge Content
Outdoors Magazine
Outdoors Magazine

Colchester, VT –-(AmmoLand.com)- Outdoors Magazine, the East’s premiere hunting and fishing publication, is proud to be announcing the addition of several fresh, new columns to its already packed line-up.

“The key to any good publication is keeping it fresh, especially in the outdoors industry. In the past few months we have had the chance to add a couple of outstanding columns and we would be remiss not to take advantage of that,” said Kyle Scanlon, editor of Outdoors Magazine.

Included among the new columns are:

Beyond The Field by Jeff W. Zimba: “Beyond The Field” will focus on small arms, tactical strategies, and the world of highly specialized firearms. “Anybody who follows the world of small arms and cutting edge weapons technology knows who Jeff Zimba is,” said Scanlon. “His column will be an outstanding addition to Outdoors and will blend the world of tactical weaponry and the shooting sportsmen. Actually, to illustrate how highly regarded he is, when one of our sales guys mentioned to a representative from Smith and Wesson that Zimba joined our team, they couldn’t wait to advertise with us. That says a lot when you consider how tight ad budgets are these days.”

Answering The Call by Dylan Ainsworth: The world of calling extends far beyond turkey hunting and there isn’t a better person out there to examine it than Dylan Ainsworth.

“Dylan has a very friendly writing style that speaks to the reader,” said Scanlon. “His advice is no nonsense and covers areas others haven’t dared go. Whether it is calling black bears, deer, predators or turkeys ‘Answering The Call’ will jump into it.”

Radical Bowhunter by Dick Scorzafava: For years, Dick Scorzafava has made a name for himself in pursuit of big game with his bow. The Radical Bowhunter will chronicle his adventures in pursuit of deer, bear, and other big game.

“I have read Scorzafava for years in other publications,” said Scanlon. “When the opportunity came to add him to the pages of Outdoors as a regular it was a natural fit.”

Guide’s Flies by Tony Lolli: “I have to be honest,” said Scanlon. “The last column I wanted to add to Outdoors was a fly-tying piece. There just aren’t a lot of readers who care about how to tie a Mickey Finn or some other common fly. Then Tony pitched me his idea. Guide’s Flies will be the secret flies guides from around the country have developed for their own use. These are patterns you will not see anywhere else in print. It is the fly-tying column others will aspire to be.”

Scratchings by Dennis Jensen: Dennis Jensen is a highly acclaimed outdoor columnist from Rutland, Vermont, with a passion for turkey and deer hunting. “Scratchings” will delve head-first into his strategies with a special insight into the ways of the gobbler.

“Dennis is really the consummate professional,” said Scanlon. “He is not afraid to tackle a topic and doesn’t hold anything back. I almost feel guilty because I know how many more turkeys will be killed as the result of his columns in the magazine.”

For more information, and to find out how to win a free Suzuki ATV, visit www.outdoorsmagazine.net

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