Rescue Our Outdoors Rally Results

Rescue Our Outdoors Rally Results

Rescue Our Outdoors Rally
Rescue Our Outdoors Rally
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance

New Egypt, NJ –-( 25 year veteran of New Jersey’s political establishment said,

“It was the most legislators that I every saw at a sportsmen event and I was proud to be a part of the rally.”

Another observer stated, “There were as many people in attendance at the R.O.O.R. as were at the rally held by the Vice President of the United States for Governor Corzine – and that rally had no threat of rain.”

One person noted, “I think R.O.O.R. should be an annual event.”

For those of you unable to attend, there were 8 legislators from both the democrat and republican parties in attendance. There were a total of 15 guest speakers (including legislators) – experts in their fields. They discussed bear policy, open space, commercial gear on the reefs, the state of New Jersey’s dwindling quail habitat, poor forestry practices and the sea bass closure. The legislators thanked the outdoor community for their support and recognized their contributions towards environmental stewardship.

The turnstile counter totaled 689 attendees – each of these people defied the rain and made the trip to New Egypt to show their commitment to change the eroding condition of angling, hunting and forestry in New Jersey. On behalf of all of the volunteers of the NJOA – I thank you for your dedication. You are helping to ensure the future viability of our natural resources and helping to guarantee that we have access to them.

Of course, special guest speaker Mr. Chris Christie was the highlight of the day. He reiterated his commitment to the anglers, hunters and conservationists of New Jersey. He happily had his picture taken with the hundreds of people who patiently waited in line and reached out to shake every outstretched hand.

Mr. Christie has been vocal about his support for the outdoor community during his campaign speeches, statements on his website and with me personally. In May of 2009 he attended a NJOA council member meeting to address the concerns of fishing, hunting, diving and forestry clubs.

So, thanks to all of you who were with us in New Egypt or who were with us in spirit. We’ll soon be posting pictures on our website so be sure to visit our Home page at:

Anthony P. Mauro, Sr.
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance: “We’ve got your back!”

NJOA – New Jersey Outdoor Alliance is the state’s first major political action committee devoted to the task of electing outdoor-minded candidates to public office. NJOA has formed with the support of leaders of major pro-hunting, pro-angling, and pro-trapping organizations. We are not a hunting, fishing, or trapping “club” or “group,” and do not compete with the interests of such organizations. NJOA helps to ensure that strong wildlife and natural resource protection laws are produced by outdoor-minded elected officials. The best way to ensure a “conservation presence” in Trenton is to support the election campaigns of representatives who understand the relationship between a balanced ecology and hunting, fishing, and trapping. Visit:

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