That Perfect Day For Whitetail

That Perfect Day For Whitetail
by Peggy Goodrich

Allen Dunlap, Coordinator for Northwest Ohio FHFH, and his son Luke are pictured above with the three deer they took early in the Fall season. All three deer were donated in SE Ohio!
Allen Dunlap, Coordinator for Northwest Ohio FHFH, and his son Luke are pictured above with the three deer they took early in the Fall season. All three deer were donated in SE Ohio!

Ohio –-( IT’S HERE! Finally, the day I have been anticipating all year is here. So many preparations have been made to ensure the events that take place on this day operate smoothly.

The scouting for that perfect shooter is complete. The spot within the whitetails area has been freed up from small twigs that would have surely been an obstruction at that critical moment.

All the calls are placed in the perfect pocket for access ease. The bows have been waxed up, sighted in and tuned to perfection. That number one arrow, through many practice shots, has been carefully chosen and placed in its position within the quiver. The climbers have been inspected to ensure the safety during that moment when the only thought is of making that shot. The camo is ready to be worn, the boots are ready to be tied, and the scent killers are ready to be applied so the prey will not be aware of human presence. All of these things were done, for this special day, with the same special attention as all of the years that have gone before.

A countless number of hours have been spent dwelling on every minute of how this morning will be spent. When to wake up, when to load up, and when to shut up. One slip up on this morning could change the memories that are about to be made. One infraction can and will change history. Not history that would concern the world but the type of history that on an individual level affects many “round these parts.” The kind of history that brings family and friends closer together. So many scenarios to go through. What’s the yardage? Will the wind be blowing at that critical second. Stop shaking! Keep the fingers open and the elbow up. When to take the shot. Don’t wait to long and don’t be afraid to breath.

Upon waking before the others at 3:30 am on this perfect day , I smell the crispness in the air. That crispness that is only there this time of year. The crispness that says it’s time to hunt. As that cool feeling fills my nasal passages, the excitement from memories of this particular day from years gone by fill my head. I arise from my bed and make my way to the coffee pot, being careful not to trip over the bow cases and backpacks in the dimly lit living room.

The breeze floating through the open window tells me they are out there. Out there unsuspecting of what this day is and how there fate may soon change. There is only one living creature that causes that distinct aroma of the earth being pawed at.

A buck! A shooter BUCK! I know he is out there and I know I will get to see him on this day. My mind drifts off wondering how big he will be. How many steaks will be grilled, how jerky will be seasoned and of course how many points and how will he score. The only thing is, I will not be there when the shot is made.

You see, my responsibility on this very special day is not to hunt, and not to make that perfect shot and not to bring home that perfect trophy. Mine is to make sure the morning is started with substance. Substance that will ensure the trembling in their knees is the result of the anticipation and thrill of the hunt, better known as buck fever. My responsibility is to be the mom and wife that stays behind and cleans up the mess caused from that perfect breakfast that begins each perfect memory on every perfect year on the first day of bow season.

Peggy is the wife of Tony Goodrich, Co-Coordinator for Perry County FHFH, Ohio.

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