Wounded Deer Carcass Rots in Anti-Hunter’s Backyard

Wounded Deer Carcass Rots in Anti-Hunter’s Backyard
This week’s most bizarre story is from Central Connecticut.

Outdoors Magazine
Outdoors Magazine

Bennett’s Pond, CT –-(AmmoLand.com)- According to the Connecticut Post, earlier this month, a bowhunter in Bennett’s Pond State Park fired a shot which mortally wounded a deer. As any hunter knows is often the case, the deer didn’t immediately go down and ran a short distance before collapsing.

The hunter tracked the deer. He soon saw that it ran onto private property. Being responsible, he knocked on the landowner’s door and asked for permission to retrieve it. It turns out the property is owned by Lynn Gorfinkle, the CEO of the Animal Rights Alliance in Redding, Conn.

“My husband told him to just go away, he couldn’t have the deer,” Gorfinkle said.

Lynn and other animal-rights proponents argue that killing deer is not the answer to Connecticut’s over-population issues. They feel nature should be allowed to take its course to control deer numbers.

Biologists say that over 62 deer per square mile reside in some of the state’s urban areas.

The sad part of the situation is that the carcass remains in the Gorfinkles’ yard, where it has been since October 2. Lynn hopes that other animals will eat it because it is too big to bury.

“If someone’s going to eat that deer, I want it to be natural predators, not some hunter,” she said.

Ironically, Gorfinkle’s actions may mean the death of another deer.

“Since the hunter did not recover the deer, he did not need to tag it and it doesn’t count toward his bag limit,” said Dennis Schain, Connecticut’s DEC communication director.

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