– Best Way To Access Your Local Firearms Market – Best Way To Access Your Local Firearms Market –-( LLC is a free site that doesn't require users to log in.

It provides great email privacy for users who choose to post items for sale.

It receives more traffic and more daily posts than any other free firearms classifieds site on the internet.


Armslist serves local firearms markets by helping law-abiding citizens to avoid unnecessary transactional costs associated with other firearms websites.

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    1. Your idiotic “prove your a human” is just that , idiotic. !!! I guess I’ll go back to gun shows for common sense. It’s not something you posses! You are at best blithering idiots.

    2. Looks like Armslist is on it’s way out, Down most of the time now. Im sure the MAN is hassling them. Hate to see them go!!!!

    3. I am looking for a new Uberti single action 45 long colt Petron or uberti Cimarron, with the nicklie finish

    4. Looking for a HK 93 in good condition. Can’t buy one in this state (Maryland) or any other .223 because they may have a flash suppressor, or a bayonet lug, or a pistol grip, or a folding stock.. Welcome to maryland.

    5. I have been looking for a Shoulder Holster Vertical, for a Hi-Point C-9mm or a 45 ACP, I can’t find none nowhere. Can you provide a vendor that carry these items.
      Thank You

    6. “do you have a comment”. why should you ask that when a gun is used in a crime but do not ask the question if a automobile ,knife, hammer,or anything else is used to perform a illegal act. you need to read our constituion & if you don`t like the freedom that has remained because of freedom loving forefathers decisions to protect it, THEN LEAVE,you are not a true AMERICAN. you will not be missed.

    7. Do you have any comment regarding sale of handgun through armslist that was then used to kill Jitka Vesel in Oak Brook, Illinois last April? The seller was sentenced today in federal court for selling to a Canadian citizen who stalked Vesel and shot her.

      Thank you,

      Bob Branom
      KIRO-TV News

      1. is a legitimate forum for selling firearms on the internet. It is the sellers and purchasers responsibility to follow, and abide by, all state and federal laws, of which there are many, to complete the sale of firearms. Benedict Ladera was rightfully convicted under the law for failing to follow the law. The sale of firearms over the internet is completely legal and should be encouraged.

    8. Armslist definitely worked for me.

      I recently had two oddball revolvers that I wanted to sell at a good price without having to haggle too much, without being skinned by a gun shop owner, without having to pay a percentage to anyone and without having to go to the post office.

      I tried out armslist along with gunsamerica and gunbroker, while also showing them around the local gun shops and passing fliers around to some of my friends, and while my ads got few views and no replies on gunsamerica and gunbroker, and no acceptable offers from the local gun shops and no calls from the fliers, through I had both of my revolvers sold for a reasonable price within two weeks.

      I would like to suggest something to anyone thinking about the idea that armslist “only” gets between 50,000 and 100,000 visitors each month, and is therefore not a viable way to sell your guns.

      Because armslist is not a huge well known site, the people who do go there are there because they are interested in buying and selling guns, not fiddling around.

      Because armslist is a local free classified, where private sales between locals is the idea, people are much more willing to consider purchasing a gun they see there for the simple reason that they will not have to deal with shipping, or FFLs, and will get a chance to handle and inspect the firearm first hand before purchase.

      I check armslist daily, knowing that if I see something I really want, or a real steal, that I can be in contact with the person and be sitting down with them to get my heart’s desire with only a short drive and within a couple of days.

      I am very happy to have been able to use armslist to sell my revolvers, and am VERY excited about the site. I hope everyone who is going to sell a gun that reads this post will take the extra five minutes to post their gun on armslist as well, so that I can get a free look at it.


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