ICarry.org Thanksgiving Gun Winner is…

ICarry.org Thanksgiving Gun Winner is…

Armalite AR24-15C Handgun
Armalite AR24-15C Handgun

Hickory Hills, IL –-(AmmoLand.com)- We are happy to announce the winner for this month’s (November 2009) One Gun a Month Giveaway!!! Wieslaw from Hickory Hills, IL is the winner of the brand new Armalite AR24-15C custom pistol from Armalite, Inc. in Illinois!!!

Thanks to Armalite for the discount on the pistol.  We appreciate their support with our mission to educate and facilitate the safe and speedy transition to right-to-carry in WI and IL.  Congratulations, Wieslaw.

We painstakingly verified all submissions for this month – about 500, and then added in extra entries for those who donated $10 or more, joined the Gun Owners Fellowship, or made purchases for $10 or more (1 extra entry per $10).  We then triple-randomly sorted the list, and then used the random number generator at www.random.org to give 10 random numbers.  #1 on the list was 159, and our winner’s entry was on that row!!

We choose backup winners just in case.  So thanks to everyone who participated.  We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I would also like to thank all of the volunteers who have stepped forward to fill the county coordinator positions for all counties in Illinois and Wisconsin.  We have had a great response.  So far we have confirmed coordinators for three counties, although there are a dozen or so more that will be confirmed shortly (we’re not rushing things with the holidays).

Please Welcome:

  • Joe Franzese – Lake County, IL Coordinator
  • Craig Celia – DuPage County, IL Coordinator
  • William Schriever – Grundy County, IL Coordinator

We’re still looking for more coordinators, so if you think you could be the right person and would like more information, please let us know.  We will send you additional info on the position and you can see if it’s right for you.  We are especially in need of coordinators in Wisconsin.  We have had a lot of applicants for Illinois positions and are short on Wisconsin volunteers.

Thanks for supporting right-to-carry in Illinois and Wisconsin! Stay tuned for more news as we organize and take action to make the transition to right-to-carry in Illinois and Wisconsin as quick and successful as possible.

Have a fantastic weekend!
Shaun Kranish Founder, ICarry.org

P.S. – I forgot to mention that GLOCK, Inc. donated a new pistol for December’s giveaway.  Actually, the winner gets to choose which model/caliber they want, and even if they want it in standard black or OD Green!! We will be sending out the check-in link pretty soon 🙂

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