ICarry.org Window Stickers Are Here

Cool ICarry.org Window Stickers Are Here

ICarry.org Window Stickers are Here
ICarry.org Window Stickers are Here

Rockford, IL –-(AmmoLand.com)- I just got these in. They look fantastic — the company we chose really did a fine job.

These stickers are 3″ x 8″ and stick to the INSIDE of glass (car window, store window, etc). They are viewable to people on the outside. Great for your rear window in your car, side windows, or shop windows.

I will get some pictures taken today. We’re going to be sending a free sticker out in the mail to everyone who has already donated $10 or more.

If you’ve already donated more than $10 and would like more than one sticker (for multiple vehicles, friends, etc) please let us know by using the Feedback link or emailing us at [email protected] Tell us how many you would like. We would be happy to send you more stickers!

We haven’t worked the bugs out of the store, so we’re putting up a new system that WILL work. It will take another day or two to get up. Stickers are limited, so if you’d like to be sure to get one for now you can make a donation of $10 or more (let us know if you want more than one sticker). We will make sure yours go out with the first batch.

ICarry.org inside window sticker is available now.

If you can’t see the image click here www.icarry.org/article382.html

This is what the stickers look like. They feature a super strong adhesive that will not fail yet allows them to be peeled off easily and repositioned or place somewhere else. 100% clean no residue left behind.

ICarry.org, 1817 18th Avenue, Rockford, IL 61104, USA