Son Of a Holocaust Survivors Thoughts On Bloomberg & MAIG

Son Of a Holocaust Survivors Thoughts On Bloomberg & Mayors Against Illegal Guns
Letter to AmmoLand Editors By Ralph Rubinek

New York, NY –-( It is clear NYC Mayor Bloomberg is inadvertently aiding and abetting terrorism on American soil.

Unlike Israel which has learned from the Holocaust and modern day haters of the Jewish people.

Several recent incidents has resurrected Nazi enabling legislation in the United Nations which in essence is the same laws ensuring genocide and government sanctioned democide as defined in pre-Nazi Germany.

Anti-Israel condemnation, Holocaust denial as well as hatred of the Jewish people brings back memories of the past.

Mayor Bloomberg you are dead wrong pursuing failed gun control policies. Aren’t you knowledgeable about Jewish partisans during World War II? Gun control insured Nazi control of the masses.

The very laws enacted prior to Hitler insured the Nazis rise to power. The end translated in mass murder.

Recent acts of terrorism occurred in legislatively enacted gun free zones and by individuals who by law were defined as ineligible to possess firearms is alarming as well.

Not only did these individuals disregard every federal and local ordinances designed to prevent illegal gun possession, they were further motivated by the fact no one would be able to stop them. Mayor Bloomberg, you want more of these Laws?

Here are some facts:

On 9/11 not one shot was fired, almost 3,000 Americans died in less than 1 hour because a 1968 gun law prevented qualified persons from possessing any weapons on American commercial air craft. Israel’s national airline, EL/AL simply arms their crews. The result not one hijacking. Gun control kills.

The Fort Hood mass killing of United States Military personnel by a suspected terrorist on a FBI terror list enrolled in our own military in the rank of Major knew his victims could be easily murdered as Military law enacted during the Clinton administration outlawed any firearms by military personnel on US bases. In fact our military had to call 911 and wait, 14 died and countless maimed by the atrocious act by a sick coward. In Israel, military personnel are armed. Gun control kills.

For decades, our law enforcement and military personnel had their hands tied trying to end illicit narcotic trade which formulation also was developed by the Nazis. This trade also funds terrorists and the illicit sale of all types of guns/bombs and violence domestic and foreign.

Here in the United States you do not have one political leader with the demeanor and bravery to stand tall against the true cause of violence… DRUGS.

Instead you have individuals like NYC Mayor Bloomberg on a pulpit trying to destroy the absolute vestige which sets apart a free society of citizens based on rational security from a lawless totalitarian nation encouraged by power to control its subjects.

My parents came to America as refugees, survivors of Hitlers final solution… They taught me along with other survivors the ideologies of the left… Mayor Bloomberg and the current atmosphere in Washington DC alarms my inner most instincts based upon my family history.

As men, women and children needlessly die because of failed policies which insure more victims and fear… I know and understand how enabling legislation brings about the end of liberty.

Mayor Bloomberg’s approach may be wrapped in benevolence but history teaches us it contains the blood of millions of innocent lives, past, present and future.

Mayor Bloomberg, I despise violence as well as hatred. I see the suffering of victims of crime everyday and awed my 28 years in law enforcement unblemished by a society lost in a charade.

Criminals, terrorists and those who hate liberty will always access weapons… History defines direction and America has veered off course.

We must stand up for America’s institutions of freedom before lessons of history are lost forever.