Sportsman Channel Employee Food Drive Reaps Over 650 Pounds of Food

Sportsman Channel Employee Food Drive Reaps Over 650 Pounds of Food Items for Local Milwaukee Human Services Agency
Done in style of “Battle of the Sexes:” Men Were the Victors with a ONE POUND lead!

Sportsman Channel
Sportsman Channel

New Berlin, Wis. — -( The battle lines were drawn with a pink food collection bin for ladies and a blue bin for men.

They started a 24-day internal war to see who could fill the bins with the most weight in non-perishable food items. Sportsman Channel employees are familiar with helping local human services agencies and shelters year ‘round stock their shelves.

The network operates Hunt.Fish.Feed, a program that encourages hunters to donate their deer harvest to local shelters. In keeping with this mission of helping those less fortunate, the network’s employees wanted to assist a non-profit human services agency close to their heart in Milwaukee for Thanksgiving: St. Charles Youth and Family Services.

By noon on November 24, the war was over with men being the victors with a ONE POUND lead over the ladies. The final tally was men with 329 pounds, ladies with 328 pounds.

The battle was not without a few causalities. Once the teams realized only a few pounds separated them from ultimate victory, employees were cleaning out their desks – even giving up their lunches – just so they could claim a win for their team.

“It couldn’t have been any crazier in here this morning,” said Jake Thoele, Business Account Manager for Sportsman. “I unloaded my truck at eight o’clock with roughly 80 pounds of canned goods, once the ladies saw that, it was on!”

“I couldn’t believe people were giving up their lunches just so their team could gain the lead,” said Nicole Neeb, Executive Assistant for the network. “It just goes to show how the entire company embraces the idea of helping others; it’s not just a motto or words on paper.”

David Stolpe, Academic Program Manager for St. Charles Youth and Family Services, thanked Sportsman Channel employees for their considerate donation.

“It means a lot to have companies who are committed and dedicated not only to their business, but also to the community they are in. Milwaukee is certainly a place of great need, and I hope this will help make those families not only have a fuller belly this season, but also let them know that they are valued and cared for.”

Sportsman Channel challenges companies across America to beat their non-perishable food weight total and to wage their own contests internally.

“Why not have some fun with it?” said Thoele. “We all want to help out; you just need to make it easy and fun.”

St. Charles Youth and Family Services is a non-profit human services agency guided by Catholic principles. In its 89th year, St. Charles provides an array of prevention and intervention services for Wisconsin youth, adults, and families. Visit to find out how you can help.

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