Sportsmen & Gun Owners Something to Consider on Election Day

Sportsmen & Gun Owners Something to Consider on Election Day
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New Jersey Outdoor Alliance
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance

Belmar, NJ –-(’ve spent the last three weeks providing as much information as we could about why Election Day is important to those who enjoy fishing and hunting.

We’ve shown how oversight is in a state of decay, we’ve watched how those opposed to our values are taking political control and slowly stripping us of our freedoms, we’ve also watched as the health of our forests erodes.

Before our eyes we see science being replaced with emotion for the management of fish and game, we’ve been introduced to confusing new terms such as “over-fished;” a word that is used to close down fisheries even when there is an abundance of fish.

Anglers, hunters and conservationists are being regarded by some in political positions as insignificant – even though we are in the majority. We are treated as if we damage the environment when we are in fact true environmental stewards. Our apathy has allowed those that oppose us attain positions of power and influence over us.

Today, Election Day, we have a chance to make a difference. We have a chance to show we are the majority. We can assert that we are environmental stewards and that we should be recognized as such.

Those who differ with our values and detest our way of life have publicly announced their endorsement of Governor Corzine. On the other hand, Mr. Chris Christie has stated in ads, speeches and one-on-one conversations with anglers, hunters and conservationists that he understands the value of our love and respect for the outdoors.

I’ll end my 2009 election information with the following quote from someone many of us have depended on for snippets of advice since we were children:

Waiting for the fish to bite or waiting for wind to fly a kite. Or waiting around for Friday night or waiting perhaps for their Uncle Jake or a pot to boil or a better break or a string of pearls or a pair of pants or a wig with curls or another chance. Everyone is just waiting. ~Dr. Seuss

What are we waiting for? The future is ours for the taking. If you agree, send this to as many people as you can today.

Seize the day.

From all of us at the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance.

Anthony P. Mauro, Sr.
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance: “We’ve got your back!”

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