T68 SplitFire Rifle Earns the Law Enforcement Technology Innovation Award

T68 SplitFire Rifle Earns the Law Enforcement Technology 2009 Innovation Award

RAP4 T68 Spitfire Training Rifle
RAP4 T68 Spitfire Training Rifle
Real Action Paintball
Real Action Paintball

San Jose, CA –-(AmmoLand.com)-The paintball industry is buzzing about the concept of dual-source paintball feeding, which is a reality in the T68 SplitFire family of markers! This RAP4 innovation allows players to carry two different types of paintballs onboard simultaneously, and effortlessly switch back and forth between them to satisfy mission and role playing requirements.

The T68 SplitFire accepts paint from a detachable, spring-fed magazine…and any size hopper. That gives you the ability to carry mission-specific paint and general event paint, so you can play two different roles on the field or…get yourself into position when backup is too far away.

Each T68 SplitFire represents years of research and innovation, and epitomizes the very best materials, manufacture, and design available. The T68 SplitFire does not rely on batteries; rather, its purely mechanical function enables it to operate in all weather and in a temperature range wider than you care to challenge. The CO2 or compressed air source is hidden onboard, inside the multi-position collapsible stock. You can easily attach a full size tank or remote line setup if you choose. The standard m1913 tactical rails accept a host of RAP4 and military-style accessories.

Then there’s that dual-feed system, unique to the T68 SplitFire family of markers. It’s such a revolution for law enforcement training and tactical use that the T68 SplitFire earned this year’s “Law Enforcement Technology Innovation Award.” Police appreciate being able to switch between two different rounds for cost effective training, and personal protection in less-lethal use-of-force scenarios…

Just like you can switch from event paint to mission paint in your tactical scenarios this weekend.

The T68 SplitFire, and all the accessories you could ever need, are available from Real Action Paintball—As Real as it Gets!

RAP4 is recognized as a leader in compressed air-powered marking technology, with patented innovations for military and law enforcement tools and industry-leading paintball sport equipment. Headquartered in San Jose, California, RAP4 has distributors across America and around the world. Trained staff members are available by phone or in person for consultations, and to troubleshoot or train your personnel on use of their equipment. visit www.rap4lesslethal.com