Veteran Deer Hunter Celebrates With Big Maine Buck

Veteran Deer Hunter Celebrates With Big Maine Buck

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Sidney, Maine –-( Vinnie Trask of Sidney, Maine celebrated Veteran's Day a few hours late in the North Maine Woods. He did it in style though with a trophy that carried 8 points and 250-plus pounds.

Trask was staying at Pine Grove Lodge in Pleasant Ridge, Maine, and was a guest of the Pine Grove Program, which gives free hunting, fishing, and outdoor-related trips to people with disabilities – primarily those received as the result of a man-made or natural disaster. In Trask's case he is a Vietnam-era veteran who lost both of his knees while working on aircraft. These days he gets around on prosthetics with the use of a cane.

Veteran Deer Hunter's Big Maine Buck
Veteran Deer Hunter's Big Maine Buck

Early this morning Trask was working his way into a “hot spot” when he caught the flag of a deer in the distance. As he waited for it to get lighter he slowly worked up a logging trail for a better vantage point.

As Trask topped a small hill he spotted the heavy-racked buck in the distance and fired. The deer disappeared and Trask continued to slowly make his way along. In a short time he caught the deer standing about 150 yards away looking back at him. This would be the big buck's last mistake. As Trask's gun again disrupted the quiet morning air the deer dropped out of sight.

Due to the roughness of the terrain Trask waited for reinforcements before going to see if his shot had hit home like he suspected. In no time guides Heath and Steve Howe arrived on the scene.

“It took them about an hour to find the deer,” said Trask. “”It was about 50 yards from where I thought I shot him.” After examining the buck it was clear Trask's long shot had broken the deer's back.

“I've been lucky to shoot seven deer over 200 pounds,” said Trask, who also wanted to thank Bob and Andrea Howe and the Pine Grove Program for all they do to help people with disabilities.

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