New Video From the National Shooting Sports Foundation

A New Video Available from the National Shooting Sports Foundation
Lock, Stock & Barrel: Understanding the Firearms Industry

National Shooting Sports Foundation
National Shooting Sports Foundation

NEWTOWN, Conn –-( “For more than 200 years a unique industry in America has made products that have been part of our country’s great tradition of freedom, self-reliance and enjoyment of the outdoors.” So begins a new video produced by the National Shooting Sports Foundation called “Lock, Stock and Barrel: Understanding the Firearms Industry” and that is now available as a DVD free of charge or to view online at

Designed to educate anyone who wants to know more about the history, operation and regulation of the firearms industry, the video is particularly helpful to those who hold misconceptions about the industry. By illustrating how the manufacture and sale of firearms are regulated by the federal government and how a mandatory FBI background check must be conducted for each retail purchaser of a firearm, “Lock, Stock and Barrel” corrects common misconceptions about the industry.

In addition, the video places the firearms industry in historical context:

“Companies large and small across the United States employ hundreds of thousands of workers with a wide variety of skills to make these products.

These firms share a common heritage as members of one of America’s oldest and most storied industries . . . an industry that played a prominent role in America’s westward expansion . . . in pioneering modern manufacturing techniques . . . in equipping our soldiers to achieve victory in wars fought to defend our freedoms . . . in supporting the conservation of America’s wildlife and wild places . . . and in cooperatively working with federal agencies to ensure that its products are lawfully sold and safely used.”

The video features comments from NSSF President Steve Sanetti.

“It’s important that an industry that produces a product — firearms — that is at times a contentious subject in modern society should be understood and appreciated for the many positive contributions it has made for centuries,” said Sanetti. “I believe that people who watch this video, perhaps at the local Rotary Club meeting or library, whether they own firearms or not, will come away with a new-found appreciation of our great industry.”

Potential audiences for the video are the general public, elected officials, teachers and students, local service groups and the media. Members of NSSF are encouraged to show the video to their employees and in their communities to promote a better understanding of the firearms industry.

“Lock, Stock and Barrel: Understanding the Firearms Industry” is approximately 15 minutes long. Individual or multiple copies of the DVD are available at

About NSSF
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