Aliquippa, PA Breaks State Law & Enacts Lost Or Stolen Firearms Ordinance

Aliquippa, PA Becomes 17Th Community To Break State Law & Enact Lost Or Stolen Firearms Ordinance
Under the direction of their Mayor a Member of the Anti 2nd Amendment Group Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

Firearms Owners Against Crime
Firearms Owners Against Crime

Pennsylvania –-( is becoming a standard pattern and practice of the anti-gun groups (i.e. Cease Fire PA, Mothers Against Guns, etc.) to extort from the Pennsylvania State Legislature more gun control, Aliquippa becomes the 17th community to enact this legislation into law.

The anti-gun groups continue to demand the passage of this legislation even though the concept has never been proven to work although the effectiveness of any particular measure, or lack thereof, has never been an impediment to their agenda.

According to Aliquippa Mayor Battalini, “the ordinance is designed to give police a leg up on stolen firearms in the city, Mayor Anthony Battalini said.

“Most crimes committed with guns are committed by people who are already prohibited from having them,” Battalini said

“This aims to make it harder for criminals to get guns.” Battalini is a member of the Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns coalition but he says his support of the new gun ordinance has nothing to do with gun rights. Further Battalini says

“I’m a gun owner, but I don’t work for the gun lobby — I work for Aliquippa,” and he then says that “I am not against guns — I am against illegal guns.”

All of this smoke and mirrors coming from Battalini is all the more interesting because he, himself, has a criminal record that would prohibit him from lawfully owning firearms.

The consideration of this measure came at the expense of openness because no one from this community responded to repeated phone calls and e-mails prior to its passage. I did receive a call on 7 December from the solicitor, Richard Start, in regard to my previous phone calls and when questioned about the legality of this measure he seemed almost gleeful in proclaiming that it was lawful until I mentioned the Atty. Gen. letter regarding the illegality of local gun laws that had been sent to each district attorney in the Commonwealth. I forwarded a copy of this Atty. Gen. letter to the solicitor for Aliquippa and have not heard back from him since.

Coupling Aliquippa with West Mifflin and the other 15 communities it is apparent that they’re thumbing their nose at the likelihood of anyone within the justice system prosecuting them for violating Pennsylvania law and is an outrageous example of civil disobedience for the constituents they represent.

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