Brownells December Super Selections


Brownells 30-Round SOCOM Tan AR-15/M16 Magazine

  • The most up-to-date & reliable civilian magazine available
  • All components are made of mil-spec materials and are manufactured under strict, ISO quality control standards
  • New lower price
Magpul AR-15/M16 Accessory Rail Cover

  • Improves grip, protects rails from damage
  • Rubber-like, pebble-texture grip surface helps shooter maintain better weapon control
  • Multiple sections can be mounted one after the other for smooth, visually continuous cover on longer handguards
Daniel Defense AR-15/M16 Rail Mount QD Sling Swivel

  • Helps stabilize weapon to prevent gun roll
  • Extra heavy-duty, steel, push-button swivel removes quickly
  • Swivel rotation is limited to approximately 45° to help stabilize the weapon and eliminate sling tangle
DPMS AR-15 Lower Receiver Parts Kit

  • Sub-Assembly, Mil-Spec parts packaged in money-saving kits
  • The easiest way to assemble rifles on your receivers
  • Much lower in total cost than buying the parts one at a time
Command Arms Accessories M4 Modular Buttstock

  • Unique design Incorporates battery storage plus picatinny accessory rail
  • Collapsible, six-position design that includes secure storage for up to four, CR123, 3-volt batteries in the snap-latch side compartment
Hogue AR-15 Pistol Grip

  • Comfortable, non-slip grip surface
  • Orthopedic design with palm swells and finger grooves reduces shock, increases shooting comfort
Magpul AR-15/M16 30-Round PMAG

  • Dependable & nearly indestructible; store fully loaded without loss of reliability
  • Exceptionally rugged, combat- and competition-ready magazine functions flawlessly
  • Anti-tilt follower stabilizes the stack to help prevent nose-diving and bolt-over-head failures
GPS AR-15/M16 GPS-LE Grip Pod

  • Vertical forend grip with built-In quick-deploy bipod
  • The GPS-LE (Law Enforcement) locks to the bottom accessory rail of your tactical rifle’s forend
  • Hit the large, deeply grooved release button, and a powerful spring deploys the legs instantly
SOG Armory M4 Buttstock Pad

  • Comfortable pad adds length to M4 stock
  • Rubber buttstock pad covers the hard plastic M4 stock for more comfortable shooting
  • Fits M4 stocks only
Brownells M4 Single Rifle Case

  • MOLLE – compatible, mission-ready; built to take abuse
  • Three rows of MOLLE-compatible attachment points run the length of the case
  • Overbuilt? There’s no such thing when equipment failure is not an option