Great Undertaking In The Future Of The NRA And The Second Amendment

Great Undertaking In The Future Of The NRA And The Second Amendment
by Diane Danielson

Wisconsin Firearm Owners, Ranges, Clubs & Educators
Wisconsin Firearm Owners, Ranges, Clubs & Educators

Wisconsin –-( I recently met with a young lady that reinforces my conviction that today's youth are the future of the NRA and the Second Amendment.

Lisa-Marie Rieckhoff is going to introduce the Eddie Eagle program to the Milwaukee Public School System. Through her experience at NRA headquarters and a newly discovered love of firearms and the shooting sports as well as a family background in shooting and law enforcement, Lisa-Marie with the support of her parents, is resolved to make this happen.

I know she'll have all the backing and encouragement she needs and look forward to sharing updates with you.

Here is her story.

“Hi, my name is Lisa-Marie Rieckhoff. This year, I was fortunate enough to be the one student from Wisconsin to participate in the NRA Youth Education Summit. Every year, the NRA selects 45 students from around the United States to take part in a week-long, all expense paid trip to Washington, DC.

Sophomore and junior high school students debate a variety of subjects, travel throughout the city and learn more about our Country's history. The application process is very simple and is open to everyone – non-NRA members, students with different views on gun rights and any student that brings a unique and exciting perspective to debates and discussions. I met students from all over the United States and we competed as teams for scholarships.

I have another opportunity for another scholarship with community work currently in progress. This trip was not just all about work and scholarships. I made so many friends on this trip. We learned how to work together in just a very short amount of time, and I experienced one of the greatest culture shocks of my life. My favorite place was Quantico and the National Museum of the Marine Corps. Experiencing military life in the smallest way was so eye-opening and rewarding for my world perspective and my respect for the military.

I think every high school student should have this opportunity of a lifetime. It certainly changed my life.

This trip was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Please check out this website, if you haven't already,, and tell any high school student you know about this wonderful opportunity sponsored by the NRA Foundation.”

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