Happy Holidays from WI-FORCE

Happy Holidays from WI-FORCE
by Paul Baumann

Wisconsin Firearm Owners, Ranges, Clubs & Educators
Wisconsin Firearm Owners, Ranges, Clubs & Educators

Wisconsin –-(AmmoLand.com)- It's that time of the year when we are all running around trying to get things done by the end of the year, celebrating another year with friends and families, ad getting ready for Santa Claus and the birth of a new year. A busy time for sure!

The Board of Directors of WI-FORCE have been busy also, This year we put on the third annual NRA state convention and WI-FORCE annual meeting in Eau Clair. The turnout was great and the weekend was a huge success. We hired and worked closely with a paid lobbyist in Madison. This relationship has paid big dividends already by alerting us to important meetings on issues that your WI-FORCE President has attended and testified at.

We launched the Trigger and our subscriber list keeps growing. We look forward to making this even more valuable next Year. And by the end of the year we will have a new membership database system that will help us to better service our WI-FORCE membership in a more effective manner.

Yes, a lot of work has been done but there is still more to do and WI-FORCE needs your help. We have several Board positions open and we are having a difficult time finding people to fill the positions. If you have a little time and a willingness to help support our freedoms in Wisconsin, give Jeff Nass a call and see if a Board position would be right for you.

That's all for this year, please accept my best wishes for a Safe, Happy and Blessed Holiday Season!

From the desk of the Pres!
by Jeff Nass

Although this year's hunt was a disappointment to many, I hope that you enjoyed your time with friends, family, and the many other great things involved with your hunt.

As I close this year as President, I believe we have accomplished a great deal, but also see many areas that still need attention. If you know of someone that can help us move forward, please nominate them for the Board.

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Wi-FORCE promotes and protects the shooting sports, hunting, and the lawful ownership and use of firearms in Wisconsin. We coordinate match schedules of member clubs, sanction the state championship matches, monitor and recommend legislation, and provide training and educational programs for our members, competitors and Wisconsin shooters. Wi-FORCE supports the interaction and education of all individuals and groups interested in the shooting sports and the natural right of citizens to own arms. Visit: www.wi-force.org

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