ICarry.org Business Carry Cards are Here

ICarry.org Business Carry Cards are Here

ICarry.org Business Carry Cards
ICarry.org Business Carry Cards

Hickory Hills, IL –-(AmmoLand.com)- We got our first batch (really just a test batch) of distributable business cards in!

You may have participated the survey we have on our website about promotional material. The window stickers and distributable business cards were by far the two winners in the survey.

So we took YOUR advice and had these made up first. There is a lot more to come, but for now there are at least two great ways to spread the word about right to carry in Illinois and Wisconsin. The cards are the highest quality business cards available – fantastic full cover imaging. I’m so excited about these, because we’ll be getting tens of thousands of these (conservatively) out there. They look GREAT and will do an awesome job at spreading the word about right to carry and its importance for self-defense and family safety.

We’re selling the cards on our store (at cost). The price is 5.99 for 100 cards and that includes shipping. We’re raising awareness with these – not money.

The cards are jam packed with info – the designer even joked that we must be trying to get our money’s worth by getting as many letters on there as possible 😉

Oh, and the other neat thing is we have a little competition going. We’re going to see who can get the word out the most. The cards have a space you can write your name or ICarry.org username (your choice) and even a phone or email if you wish. When people register at our website, it now asks them who told them about us. If they get your card and type your name in, we’ll know. We’ll be posting the results. This is just a fun competition, and the top recruiters will be recognized for their hard work.

Let me know what you think about them either by emailing me or better yet getting your hands on some of your own!!!

Your friends at ICarry.org wishing you a happy and productive day.
1817 18th Avenue
Rockford, IL 61104, USA

ICarry.org, an organization devoted to to bringing concealed carry to Illinois and Wisconsin. The only two states without it. Visit: www.icarry.org

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