Setting the Record Straight on Guns

Setting the Record Straight on Guns

Virginia Gun Owners Coalition
Virginia Gun Owners Coalition

Virginia –-( The NRA is frequently not a friend of gun owners but you would never know it from the anti-gun media.

Many of you know the truth of that statement, but it is critical to review it for new members while encouraging those of you who know that truth to remind your friends of the facts.

As more gun owners become convinced of that truth, the smaller principled gun lobbies will be more effective in holding the NRA accountable and prodding them into doing the right thing.

Unfortunately, the media often give the NRA credit it does not deserve. The link below credits the progress in the restoration of 2nd Amendment rights to the NRA.

In my opinion, the media knows that the NRA has opposition from principled gun lobbies but gives them the credit in an attempt to marginalize the real freedom fighters, like you.

The fact is that the heavy lifting has been done by state level groups like VGOC and other state level gun lobbies that banned together in 2003 to fight the NRA's compromises and outright sell-outs.

You can read about one such fight at

Larry Pratt's GOA on Capitol Hill at the time was the ONLY federal level gun lobby that worked with us.

Since then, the coalition has also supported the formation of a new federal gun lobby called NAGR, National Association for Gun Rights. NAGR pulls no punches in exposing the NRA.

That coalition of state-level gun lobbies on a state-level and federal level have made progress in the face of either NRA neutrality (doing nothing) or NRA opposition.

At other times the NRA will come in to water a bill down or support a bill at the last minute that others have actually worked to pass and take credit.

NRA sellouts on the state-level are too numerous to count.

The most memorable NRA sell outs on the national level are:

  1. The unsuccessful NRA effort to trade the renewal of the hated Clinton Gun Ban in 2004 for the Manufacturer's liability bill.
  2. The successful NRA sell out of veterans who now lose their gun rights without any due process by having their name put in a data base by a psychiatrist.

What can you do to help?

Many of you on this list have never donated to VGOC.

Please, if you find this work important and appreciate it, will you make a donation at

It takes money to run an operation like VGOC. We have a special election coming up on January 12th and I am trying to raise the funds to mobilize 1850 gun owners in the 37th Senate District. I need to raise a quick 1500 dollars to contact those gun owners in a timely manner.

It also takes money to pay the light, heat, and utility bills. We cannot run VGOC for free.

So please, be as generous as you can.

For Liberty
Mike McHugh
President, VGOC

Virginia Gun Owners Coalition is Virginia’s only no-compromise, non-partisan gun lobby patterned after Gun Owners of America on Capitol Hill. VGOC is a non-profit tax-exempt organization under 501(c)(4) of the IRS code. Because we lobby politicians to protect and defend the 2nd Amendment, contributions are not tax deductible for IRS purposes. Visit:

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