South Dakota Turn in Poachers Web Site Gets an Upgrade

South Dakota Turn in Poachers Web Site Gets an Upgrade

South Dakota Turn in Poachers Web Site
South Dakota Turn in Poachers Web Site
South Dakota Fish, Game & Parks
South Dakota Fish, Game & Parks

PIERRE, S.D. – South Dakota’s Turn in Poachers (TIPs) Internet Web page is getting a facelift, including the addition of links to unsolved cases.

TIPs is a cooperative effort between the Game, Fish and Parks Department and the non-profit Wildlife Protection, Inc.

The Web page has been around for several years and provides a historical perspective of the TIPs program in addition to keeping the public informed on the statistical data. It will now feature information on high-profile cases being investigated by wildlife law enforcement.

According to TIPs Coordinator, Charlie Wharton, this addition was prompted by two recent South Dakota poaching cases. “The killing of a moose in the Black Hills in early fall and the more recent case involving a bighorn sheep in Custer State Park provided the impetus to reach out to Web users for information. In the past, TIPs has sought out general information on wildlife violations; but, with this addition, we are taking our cases directly to the public.”

The first case being featured on the Web site involves the illegal killing of a mature bighorn sheep in Custer State Park, near Game Lodge Campground and Creek Side Resort on Friday, Nov. 27. The animal’s head and cape were taken, while the carcass was left to rot.

The importance of this case is multiplied because this mature ram was one of only nine that live in the park.

Wharton encourages individuals to check back on a regular basis to view cases under investigation. “Our wildlife belongs to all South Dakotans. By providing information that brings poachers to justice, the public can help solve crimes and protect this resource for future generations.”

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Marv Clayton

Its good to see technology applied to stopping the the scourge of poaching.

These despicable "people", and I'm referring all poachers (NOT hunters), need to be brought to justice.

Their crimes are just so sad, wasteful, and unnecessary.

Kudos to the good people of South Dakota for taking the fight to another level!