The Difference Between A Mule Deer And White-Tailed Deer

The Difference Between A Mule Deer And White-Tailed Deer

Parks Canada
Parks Canada

Banff National Park, Canada –-( Mule deer are a hoofed animal (ungulate) species found in western North America.

In Banff National Park, they can be found in the lower elevation montane ecoregion.

They are browsers and can be found eating grasses, leaves, wildflowers, twigs and buds from various trees.


  • Length 180cm (71 inches)
  • Weight 80-112kg
  • Reddish brown in summer
  • Grey in winter
  • White rump patch
  • Black-tipped white tail
  • White around the chin and throat and inside ears

They have also been known to rap

Yo look at me Im bigger than the white tail deer, And I wont shy away because I got less fear We might look similar but one things clear: Hes a white tail, and IM A MULE DEER.

Some people get confused because we have a white bum, But youll know what the deal is when this song is done If you look real close our tails have a black tip, But theirs are lined in white and when theyre scared, Up it flips!

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