A Letter From An Anti-Gunner

A Letter From An Anti-Gunner

Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Virginia – -(AmmoLand.com)- I received a letter on Saturday, which as I began to read it I quickly realized it was from an anti-gunner. I stopped reading at that point to see if this one followed all the same patterns I have seen over the years.

First I looked to see if it was from New England. Yep, the postmark was from New Jersey – no surprise there.

(Uhh not everyone in NJ! – Ammoland is headquartered in NJ – AmmoLand.com)

Next I looked to see if it had the writer’s name and/or address. Nope, no indication in the letter of either and no return address on the envelope. It was simply signed “Can’t Understand You.”

Also, par for the course. The writers always tend to be cowardly – not wanting to hear what I have to say in response to their accusations and colorful language by not providing any kind of information on how to contact them.

Here is the letter.
Notice the typical paranoid and insulting tone of the letter:

“It is only fitting that an organization like yours would fester in the state that is home to the most infamous of all gun worshipping organizations. [PVC: Hmmm, well Virginia has VCDL, GOA, NRA, and the Firearms Coalition. I wonder which one this refers to? 😉 ]

“Seriously, you people are all certifiably crazy. Keep your guns in Virginia and don’t bother the rest of us in the other forty-nine states. You are pathetic and insecure. I guess your meaningless and unfulfilling lives are made whole when you are packing a pistol. [PVC: Nothing wrong with carrying a revolver, either!] Maybe it makes you feel like real men. [PVC: Lots of women carry guns, too, and their numbers are climbing rapidly.]

“Try not to shoot some innocent unarmed person with one of your precious guns. [PVC: So it’s OK to do so with a gun that I don’t really like? 😉 ]


“Can’t Understand You” [PVC: It should have been signed “I think you are just like me and I hate and distrust myself.”]

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