California Teen’s Expulsion for Legal ShotGun Possession Reversed

California Teen’s Expulsion for Legal ShotGun Possession Reversed

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WILLOWS, Calif. –-( The Glenn County Board of Education has overturned the Willows School Board’s expulsion of a student who had a shotgun inside a pickup truck that was parked off campus near the Willows High School campus.

The shotguns were discovered in the pick up truck by scent-sniffing dogs on October 26th during a questionable school search. Police ran the license plates and determined Tudesko was the owner, then called Tudesko out of class. Tudesko readily told the Principal about the shotguns and his early morning hunting trip.

The school first suspended Tudesko for five days, then extended the suspension indefinitely until an expulsion hearing was held. Tudesko’s mother, Susan Parisio defended her son during the November 19th public hearing on his expulsion. She challenged the school district’s legal jurisdiction to enforce the Education Code’s prohibition of guns on campus for her son having unloaded shotguns locked in an off-campus vehicle parked on a public street.

Nonetheless, Willows High Principal Mort Geivett told the local School Board that, as a matter of law, it had no choice but to expel Tudesko. The Board did just that.

In its ruling, the county board found that the Willows School Board overstepped its bounds in dealing with Gary Tudesko, 17.

The expulsion will be removed from his record, the county board said Friday. Tudesko had been out duck hunting along with other students and left the gun inside the pickup.

The National Rifle Association along with California Rifle & Pistol Association has come to the defense of student Tudesko.

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