Cass Creek Ampli-Fire Series Game Calls – When You Need More Volume

Cass Creek Ampli-Fire Series Game Calls – When You Need More Volume

Cass Creek Game Calls
Cass Creek Game Calls

Traverse City, MI –-( There are times when hunting or photographing wild game that you not only need realistic, natural calls to bring the game in close, but also greater volume.

The Ampli-Fire Series from Cass Creek Calls delivers on both counts!

This, recorded from nature series of electronic calls are compact, one piece units that are easy to use, easy to transport but also provide pumped up volume capability for those times when louder calls are necessary.

Altus Brands, LLC spokesman EVP Sales/Marketing, Charles Ricci explained the product.

Cass Creek Cass Creek Ampli-Fire Series Game Call
Cass Creek Cass Creek Ampli-Fire Game Call

“Cass Creek is a leader in the industry for electronic game calls and the Ampli-Fire Series represents years of dedication to quality, performance and reliability in the field. Like all Cass Creek calls, the sounds have been produced in the natural environment from the particular animal in different situations.

The Ampli-Fire Series combines years of experience in calls that are designed for times when the extra volume is really needed.”

The Ampli-Fire Series includes specialized electronic calls for: Predator, Moose/Deer Combo and Goose.

Altus Brands, LLC also owns Pro Ears electronic and passive hearing protection/amplification products, BenchMaster Rifle Rests, Rifleman HP, CrossFire Slings, Concealor Boonie Hats, Woodland Whisper and Quicksit.

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