Chaffhaye Announces New Dealers in California, Texas and Tennessee

Chaffhaye Announces New Dealers in California, Texas and Tennessee

Chaffhaye-logoHOUSTON — One of the industry’s fastest growing quality forage suppliers, Chaffhaye Inc. has gained worldwide notoriety for its revolutionary premium forage that combines all-natural ingredients with 100-percent organic probiotics for the ultimate in deer, equine and other livestock health. The word is spreading quickly, and Chaffhaye is today pleased to announce the addition of several new dealers in California, Texas and Tennessee to offer what many call “pasture in a bag.”

The most recent dealers to offer Chaffhaye premium forage are San Luis Obispo County Farm Supply Company which features store locations in San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria, Arroyo Grande, and Paso Robles, Calif.; Atascadero Hay & Feed in Atascadero, Calif.; Lee’s Feed & Western Store in Shingle Springs and Lockeford, Calif.; Laredo Country Store in Laredo, Texas; Rockin’ H Feed in Whitney, Texas; Rockdale General Store in Rockdale, Texas; and Reubinsville Farmers Feed Mill in Portland, Tenn.

Chaffhaye is premium bagged forage that captures the key characteristics of fresh pasture, while also offering a guaranteed level of nutrition. It is ideal for ensuring maximum health for a wide variety of animals, including horses, deer, goats, llamas, alpacas and exotics.

“Providing farmers and ranchers with a high-quality forage on a consistent basis can be a huge competitive advantage for an agricultural business, and Chaffhaye can keep animal’s digestive systems properly functioning and meet a large percentage of the animal’s daily nutrient requirements at a lower annual cost,” says Steve Rader, president of Chaffhaye. “We are very pleased to welcome our newest dealers, and we look forward to delivering a premium forage product to their customers.”

Chaffhaye is made with alfalfa or grass that is carefully selected and harvested at peak leafiness to maximize nutrients, palatability and digestibility. While still fresh, the pasture is chopped, lightly misted with molasses and compressed into air-tight bags in which an all-natural fermentation takes place. The fermentation closely mimics an animal’s digestive process and features active yeast, beneficial enzymes and bacteria to ‘pre-digest’ the feed. The end result is animals receive greater nutrition at a significant cost savings. Chaffhaye is available in 50-pound, weather-resistant bags that can be stored outside.

To learn more about the Chaffhaye products or becoming a Chaffhaye dealer — visit or call 281-888-2917.