Firearms Owners Against Crime Gun Owner Update – Jan 2010

Firearms Owners Against Crime Gun Owner Update – Jan 2010

Firearms Owners Against Crime
Firearms Owners Against Crime

Pennsylvania –-(  Our state and nation are facing extraordinary times and events as I’m sure each of you know! The economic problems have the potential to overshadow every aspect of our life and the choices we make in the next six months to a year are extraordinarily important!

The old saying “these are times that try men’s souls” is truly applicable in these troubling times when one considers that the social issues that affect us all seem to be under assault from every aspect.

Pragmatically speaking the social issue that seems to be under the greatest continuous assault continues to be gun control and our right to bear arms.

The anti-gun organizations continue to push an agenda of civil disobedience hoping to drive legislators in Harrisburg to enact even more onerous regulations. The failure of the justice system to hold those committing these acts accountable only serves, like bargaining with terrorists, to encourage more acts of disobedience. As a backdrop to all of this manipulation of policy and the truth more and more information is coming out as to the failure of government to hold criminals accountable who commit violent crime is firearms.

The hypocrisy of pursuing more gun control laws when the very structure of government is ignoring the laws we now have with impunity is an affront to everything our nation stands for and especially to all of those who fought for it.

As you will see in the attached newsletter the Philadelphia Inquirer has conducted a massive study of the Philadelphia justice system and how it prosecutes criminals. This study has sent shock waves throughout policymakers and citizens alike for it reveals a pattern and practice of ambivalence, negligence, and arrogance regarding citizen safety and the enforcement of laws that these public officials are charged with doing. Unfortunately all of the suffering and victimization seems to be lost in the shuffle of those wanting to make excuses as to why they didn’t do what they are charged with doing!

Now into this mix comes the struggle that we all fight and that is to maintain our right to bear arms and to try and recover some of our freedoms that have been stripped from us by laws that have no place in a constitutional republic. If you have not up to this point had cause to consider the dangers that the multifaceted attack on our freedoms has two our country, our way of life and each of our families then now would be a good time to reevaluate that position. If you choose to reevaluate these issues then as part of that reevaluation I suggest that each of us consider our level of involvement currently and whether or not we should rededicate and recommit ourselves to this important struggle.

Please take a moment to read the attached January/2010 FOAC e-newsletter that represents the latest information about the expanding variety of issues that are pertinent to this day and time. You are also free to forward this webpage to any of your friends and fellow gun owners.

For more important developments and news links that contain up to the minute information on political, election and recent firearms issues please visit our website–FOAC. If you would like FOAC to hold a special meeting or speak to any gun club in your area to energize local gun owners please contact us for further details.

Best Regards,
Kim Stolfer, Chairman
Firearms Owners Against Crime

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