Gun Photos are “Offensive” at Walgreens

Gun Photos are “Offensive” at Walgreens

New Jersey Coalition for Self Defense
New Jersey Coalition for Self Defense

Belleville, NJ –-( One of our members wrote to us recently about trying to get firearms photos printed at a Walgreens Pharmacy in Belleville, NJ.

The NJCSD member and his brother are both gun collectors and active members of the community as a whole.

The brother recently took photos of his collection for insurance purposes, and emailed them to Walgreens to have them printed.

Gun Photos are "Offensive" at Walgreens
Gun Photos are "Offensive" at Walgreens

When the brother’s wife went to pick up the prints, she was told by the cashier that Walgreens did not print them because they were deemed “offensive”.

Our member’s brother returned to the store and spoke to the manager, who told him that he personally found the pictures offensive, and so did his staff. When the brother asked if it was Walgreens’ policy not to print pictures of guns, he refused to give a straight answer.

The member’s brother contacted Walgreens Main Office on Tuesday December 29th regarding the issue. We’ll be following the story.

NJCSD – Defending Your Right to Defend Yourself Visit:

AmmoLand Comments: Please write Walgreens Corporation and tell them how offensive this is. Sample letter provided.

Sample Letter ——————–

Re: Wallgreens Anti-Gun Employees

Dear Sirs:

I find your employees refusing to print photos of firearms offensive and insulting.

As a believer in the Bill Of Rights I find your censorship of  a persons photos, by employees, to be discrimination against gun owners is an attack on my first amendment right to free speech.

I demand that you educate your employees of our right to keep and bear arms and issue a public apology or I will be forced to take my business somewhere else.




You can contact Walgreens Coprorate here at:

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Walgreens policy on photos: print child porn and call the cops.

nudies are okay if they look of age and have no penitration.

other than that, it is all open. that store was in the wrong to refuse you. Bitch LOUDLY. I am a former assistant manager and those policies were what our corporate office told us to go by.


I am a photo specialist at wallgreens, I would have no problem printing your photos 🙂 I find it rather annoying that someone would even think about not printing firearm related photos. Besides, your photos are confidential, no one is supposed to see them except for the person processing them for quality control. In EXTREME cases a manager may get involved reguarding sexual content, but NEVER because "It offends me." We are even required to print nude photos if it is "Artistic" and if the photo specialist does not want to see them, they can ask another member of the… Read more »

sure you are #9

To Bob, If one of Jack's employees from his photo lab recently got gunned down, and a bunch of pictures with guns pointing at the camera appeared in the photo lab… I would say that his photo technician might be offended. If one of Jack's photo employees' daughters was shot in the head by her boyfriend the day before this happened and the same pictures showed up, I would respect her wishes for not printing them. In fact, I might not blame her for asking to leave work because she suddenly felt ill. Neither YOU or I know what was… Read more »

sure you are #9

P.S. and as far as the "content" goes:

What is "offensive" to some is not offensive to others. It's a matter of personal comfort level.

You saying that "liberal hippies" are not going to print pictures because they find them offensive is just as stupid and pointless as me saying that "right wing nazi" pharmacists won't fill my birth control pills because they are personally against it.

It's perfectly legal in either situation.

sure you are #9

To the poster of #9. There are no longer Photo Supervisors, that position was eliminated November 1 of 2008, so you're full of S#*T. Secondly, if a photo technician finds the pictures offensive, they are to ask another photo technician to print them. If that photo technician refuses, then they are to ask a member of management. If that person refuses, then it goes up the chain. That was in place and has been in place for over 15 years. Secondly, you cannot "have someone arrested" over pornographic pictures. You are to report the case to Loss Prevention, and THEY… Read more »

Photo Guy

Ha, I work for walgreens.. and I must say this is pretty freaking funny. I'm actually a Photo Supervisor there. But, all that aside there's no policy on not allowing offensive material to be printed, unless your trying to print pornographic pictures, etc. And even then, I would have someone else print it just so I don't have to look at it. Unless it was child pornography then I would try to have you arrested. Sounds like your Walgreens has a bunch of "for lack of better words" dumb liberal hippies. But, seriously if it were me I would constantly… Read more »

Say No to Walgreens

Jack, Narrow minded is Walgreens for allowing an anti 2nd amendment employee to push their own anti gun sentiment on a Walgreens customer. Imagine if those pictures were of "illegal Imigrants" or maybe a person of a diffent ethnic background and then customer was refused service in the same fashion as this legal gun owner. Imagine the outrage it would be all over the local garbage news papers and TV stations. The reality is that your acceptance of the situation and quickness to dismiss people who are calling your company Walgreens to speak on the matter just proves the very… Read more »

Bob S.

Contacted Walgreen's customer service and received this reply Dear Bob, Thank you for taking time to contact us regarding our photo content policy. It is not a Walgreens policy to reject printing of photos including "firearms," rather a judgment call that is being investigated and addressed with the customer involved. Walgreens does however have the right to deny the pringting of photos pertaining sexual content. Walgreens does not intervene in any other situations involving the content of a customer's order. If an employee is uncomfortable printing any image because of its content, he or she may request that another that… Read more »


I'm a manager for Walgreens. Their printing policy (and rights for that matter) let them refuse to print whatever they want. 905 of stores would have no problem printing them whatsoever. Sorry your local Walgreens is being anal. Yes, 1800Walgreens does go to the store level as they want you to feel more personal rather than have some higher up that doesn't give a crap send you a gift card to shut you up. Also, pharmacists don't sell Rx's often at all unless it's overnights at a 24 hour slower store where they are the only one there. They can… Read more »

Say No to Walgreens

Its just plain awful that Walgreen's would force a pharmacist into selling the morning after pill even against their own religious objections.

But when some tree huggin high school drop out is offended by a picture of a black rifle they are unwilling to take a position.

Just say it, Walgreen's hates the constitution and is pushing its liberal left wing ideology on America.

Don't spend your hard earned money in a place that has no respect for your rights.


I submitted this reasonable inquiry: I am contacting you about the internet stories claiming your Belleville, NJ store has deemed photos of firearms offensive and refuses to develop them. If this is contrary to Walgreen's policy it would be valuable to clarify your position on the matter. If this reflects Walgreen's policy then hunters, shooters, firearms enthusiasts and supporters of second amendment rights need to know so we can modify our purchasing decisions accordingly. I am a regular customer who routinely selects my local Walgreen's over half a dozen nearby pharmacies. I look forward to your response. And rec'd this… Read more »


Good Luck. You might as well sue. Walgreens has no policies available to the general public! And the 1800Walgreen # is an absolute joke, it is nothing but a glorified answering system! Leave your name and number and someone will call you back (most of the time from the store level even!, most of the time the very Manager that ticked you off is the one to call you back!)