Icarry.Org’s First Open Carry Food Drive Was A Huge Success

Icarry.Org’s First Open Carry Food Drive Was A Huge Success

Icarry.Org's Open Carry Food Drive A Huge Success
Icarry.Org's Open Carry Food Drive A Huge Success

Little Chute, Wisconsin – -(AmmoLand.com)- We were able to donate $680.00 in gift certificates to Save a Lot for fresh food. In addition to that, we collected hundreds of pounds of non-perishable food items for those in need.

A big thanks goes to Joe, the owner of the Save-a-Lot store in Little Chute, WI who kindly allowed us to use his facility for the food drive. We also thank the Fox Valley Metro Police Department for responding to us when we informed them of the event prior to the event.

They were completely professional and supportive of us exercising our rights. They didn’t have any concerns, and wished us luck for a fun, safe, and successful event.

Mike Long, the ICarry.org Coordinator for Outagamie County, WI did the leg work for this event. We thank him for taking initiative, making arrangements, and pulling off such a worthy endeavor.

I believe this event was his idea, and we’re so glad to have something like this started by one of our coordinators and take place!

Pictures, video, and TV coverage of the event! TV coverage has brought us many new members! Go here: https://www.icarry.org/ftopict-2084.html

Thanks to everyone, especially those who drove long distances to attend the event. We had people from BOTH STATES drive over three hours to attend and help out. What a time!

Stay tuned for our next Open Carry event. The next one may be in northern Illinois.

Important message for everyone regarding monthly drawing:

There were quite a few people who did NOT check-in for the drawing in December. We sent the check-in link out twice (in the Carry Cards and the Change of plans emails).

We had people who donated, people who made purchases, and some very active members who missed out on the chance to win because they did not check-in.

Every month, the check-in link will be placed in at least 1 email we send out. The email subject line could be anything, and will not say that the check-in link is in there. So you have to read the emails and find the link in one of them. Then all you have to do is click it, type your name/email, check the box, and click send ANY time before the drawing date.

Due to the holidays, it took a few extra days to release the winner for December’s Glock of Your Choice – sponsored by GLOCK.

And the winner is…….(drumroll from the movie Christmas Vacation)

Dewey from Schaumberg, IL! Congrats, Dewey. Thanks again to GLOCK for so graciously sponsoring a pistol for this awesome drawing. Keep that in mind the next time you make a gun purchase. Who supports Right to Carry? GLOCK!!! I know my next pistol purchase is going to be a Glock.

January’s giveaway pistol will be announced on the website. It will also be sent out the next time we send an email out.

Happy New Year everyone. 2010 is going to be the best year in the restoration of the 2nd Amendment in Illinois and Wisconsin that we have seen in decades. I give you my word on that.

Shaun Kranish

ICarry.org, 1817 18th Avenue, Rockford, IL 61104, USA

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