International Sporting Releases New Web Site

International Sporting Releases New Web Site Web Site Web Site

Los Angeles, California – The clay target shooting blog “International Sporting” has released a new website with a new look and better functionality.

“This change represents growth in the site. It was obvious from the amount of interest in the content that I needed a purpose built platform from which readers and viewers would have easier access.” says Jason King the sites creator. “The new format shows off the content in a visual way which keeps readers interests up. It also has more opportunities for industry advertisers to reach potential customers.”

International Sporting features unique and original content covering sporting clays and FITASC shooting. Visitors will find popular Q&A’s with top sporting and industry personalities, insider information on events, articles, shoot reports, product reviews, videos and an international event calender.

“The readers that come to our site are those looking for more information than just the basics. For instance they enjoy the in depth event presentations immensely. Where else will you find out what to expect or how to plan a trip to shoot a championship in say Laterina, Italy the site of the 2010 World FITASC event?” King says.

About the blogger, Jason King a Los Angeles based native Texan, has been an avid sporting clays shooter since the 90’s he first joined the NSCA in 1994. In 1996 he organized, managed and set targets for one of the first dedicated FITASC shoots in the state of Texas, the Gold Crown.

In addition to the blog he is employed as a professional cinematographer and chief lighting technician in the film industry. If you watch NBC, Hallmark, Spike, ION or a number of other channels you might have already seen his work on various Movies of the Week. In addition to MOW’s he has worked on various films, commercials and music video projects for clients such as HBO, Atlantic Records, Fall Out Entertainment, Digital Kitchen, RHI and TLC. See a partial resume at