Joyce And Her Gun

Joyce And Her Gun

Indianapolis, IN –-( Those of you who have been a part of the 2nd Amendment Patriots for some years may remember back in 2007 when a lady who lived here in Evansville, IN came to our group about an incident she was involved in while traveling through New York.

She had her firearm with her as she flew to visit her friend in Vermont as she had done on many occasions.  As always everything was in order and in compliance with all federal and TSA (Transportation Security Administration) regulations.

Only this time she had the misfortune of having to deal with the Albany, NY Sheriff’s Department who had a office in the airport.  A deputy sheriff who apparently was ignorant of federal law confiscated Joyce’s handgun and placed her under arrest.

Joyce attended one of our Patriot meetings shortly after all this happened and at that meeting the good folks in attendance started proceedings to help her.  There’s a great deal to write about as this ordeal unfolded, more than what space will allow.

I spoke with Joyce today and I’ve copied a letter she sent me for all of you to read.  I want to also thank our good friend Jeff Knox, with the Knox Firearms Coalition and Larry Pratt, Director of Gun Owners of America and Ginny Simone with the NRA radio program whom I did several taped interviews with that brought them on board as well.

We are very happy for Joyce who had the determination and courage to fight the injustice she was dealt.  Joyce is now living in Massachusetts with her husband, Paul.

I hope that her perseverance not to quit will be an example for all of us and Margie and I also hope it encourages everyone to continue to STAY UNITED with the 2nd Amendment Patriots.  We hope to see you on the 30th.

Below is Joyce’s letter.

I would like to personally thank all the members of the Second Amendment Patriots of Evansville Indiana for all their support and good will and gifts.

The State of New York returned my Kimber Ultra II Raptor 45 in December of 2009.

The Colonie Sheriff’s office confiscated the firearm on Feb. 11, 2007 at the Albany Airport.  The Record of the event has been expunged according to the Colonie Court System.

I have received my firearm license for the State of Massachusetts in November 2009 and now look forward to joining a local club where I can once again enjoy the competition and camaraderie with people who believe firmly in the Second Amendment in the State of Massachusetts.

God Bless you All! Kindest Regards,



Jim and Margie
2nd Amendment Patriots

The Second Amendment Patriots are a local group of citizens dedicated to preserving the rights, freedoms, and civil liberties of every American by educating the American public of the founding and history of this country and its founding fathers by explaining the role, functions and purpose of the U.S. Government; and by teaching the need and importance of an armed American public, in order to allow for a more prosperous and respectful country consisting of American citizens with a pledge of allegiance to their country and who will at the same time, voice their demand to take back the present overwhelming power of the U.S. Government and deliver it into the hands of the people to which it belongs.

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Jeffrey Bennett

Love ladies with a .45!! Way to go and hope all goes well for her!