Marsh Valley Whitetails Gets Back to Basics on Keith Warren’s Deer & Wildlife Stories

Marsh Valley Whitetails Gets Back to Basics on Keith Warren’s Deer & Wildlife Stories

Keith Warren
Keith Warren

NEW BRAUNFELS, TX — -( The Keith Warren’s Deer & Wildlife Stories television program this week, sponsored by the American Deer & Wildlife Alliance (ADWA), gets back to basics with quintessential deer farming in Northeastern Ohio.

Airing on the Pursuit Channel, this week’s episode of Deer & Wildlife Stories features Marsh Valley Whitetails, a 36-acre deer farm in Middlefield, Ohio, which relies on a love for the animals and hard honest work over modern convenience. Situated on green rolling hills with scenic vistas, Marsh Valley Whitetails is owned and managed by Pete Miller and his sons, Mervin and Sam, since 2003. The Millers live true to their Amish convictions and run their highly successful deer farm without electricity, ATV’s or other technology typically found on modern-day farms. Their devotion has rewarded all the entire industry with huge typical bucks and a conservation message too potent to ignore.

“The Millers have a strong passion for whitetail deer, and Marsh Valley Whitetails is proof you don’t need high-tech equipment to be a deer farmer,” says Keith Warren, one of the most celebrated personalities in the outdoor television industry. “I have been to a lot of ranches and deer farms, but this visit has been truly inspirational on many levels. From their love and care of the animals to the steadfast commitment to their way of life, there are lessons here for all of us.”

Keith Warren’s Deer & Wildlife Stories airs three times a week on The Pursuit Channel (Direct TV 608), Wednesday at 7:30 p.m., Friday at 6 p.m. and Sunday at 12 a.m. Warren’s other program — The High Road with Keith Warren — also air three times a week on the Pursuit Channel: Friday at 12 a.m., Sunday at 11 a.m. and Sunday at 8:30 p.m. All times are EST.

“Food, water, no predators and all the love you can give them [deer],” says Warren, looking out over the Marsh Valley farm. “That's pretty good compared to the wild.”

Based in New Braunfels, Keith Warren Outdoor Adventures produces The High Road and Deer & Wildlife Stories programs, airing on The Pursuit Channel. Keith Warren productions are designed to encourage others to become actively involved in the outdoors as the ultimate conservationists and stewards of the land.

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