Pro Ears Teams Up with OSP for a Better Shooting Experience

Pro Ears Teams Up with Optimum Shotgun Performance Shooting School for a Better Shooting Experience

Pro Ears by Altus
Pro Ears by Altus

Traverse City, MI –-( Altus Brands, maker of the PRO EARS line of high tech electronic hearing protection / amplifications products announced it had joined forces with OSP (Optimum Shotgun Performance) Shooting School.

Charles Ricci, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Altus Brand announced the partnership:

We are pleased to be a part of what Gil and Vicki Ash at OSP are doing for students of their shooting school and being able to provide the opportunity for each student to who signs up 30 days in advance of the Two Day Clinic in 2010 to receive a free set of Predator Gold Electronic Muffs ($319.95 value).

The Predator Gold Electronic Muffs are the electronic earmuff of choice and are currently used by Gil and Vicki Ash. The Ash’s reputation in the shooting community is exemplary, as people, supporters and teachers. We feel honored that they believe so strongly in the quality of our products that they trust Pro Ears to protect their own hearing as well as their students.

At OSP, increased performance is about controlling risk and learning to focus with your eyes, body and mind. Hearing and hearing protection is all part of being able to focus. Pro Ears Predator Gold Electronic Ear Muffs provide increased protection while still allowing the user to hear every sound in their environment from soft whispers to range commands and other quiet sounds of nature. OSP helps each student analyze their game and determine “the junk” that often times interferes with good shooting. Gil and Vicki Ash will lead every student through the mechanical and mental processes to achieve the optimum level of shotgun performance – And, every student when signing up early will be able to cash in on a new pair of Pro Ears!

Gil Ash, Co-Owner of OSP states, “We are glad to welcome Pro Ears as a partner of OSP Shooting School. We have tried other electronic earmuffs and have found that none of them come close to the features and quality of the Pro Ears Predator earmuffs. Predator electronic earmuffs both enhance and protect hearing at the same time. We value our hearing and only partner with people whom we feel are the best in the industry and when it comes to electronic earmuffs for hearing protection and enhancement, Pro Ears can’t be beat.”

Features of the Pro Ear Predator Gold Electronic Ear Muffs:

  • DLSC™ Technology: Protects your hearing while still letting you hear every sound in your environment, including softer sounds. This is a huge safety feature for complete awareness of your working or play environment.
  • Exclusive Micro-Processor: Provides and instant diagnostic, 10,000 per second electronic system to ensure 100% working order.
  • Gold Connectors: Provides the highest audiophile, natural sound quality ever.
  • Fastest ‘Attack Time’: No other units react and recover faster than Pro Ears 1.5 milliseconds. This protects your hearing faster and then recovers faster to allow you to hear your environment.
  • Automatic & Programmable Gain Control (AGC™): Harmful noise levels are kept to within 70 dB. Sounds below 70dB are amplified up to 8X time’s normal hearing so every sounds is heard even at great distances, the incredible gain of 50 db.
  • Special Replaceable, ProForm Leather™ Ear Seal: Provides the ultimate in comfort and conformity for the tightest noise elimination seal.
  • Modular Design: Each unit conveniently folds into itself for easy storage/carry.
  • • 300 hours minimum battery life: Common ‘N’ size Alkaline provides the longest battery life available for longer use and economy savings.
  • Industry’s only ‘5’ Year Warranty: Only Pro Ears offers you the longest, most comprehensive Warranty to give you peace of mind that we stand behind our quality and durability.
  • Proudly MADE IN THE USA

Pro Ears – Because the Advantage Matters™
For more information/Dealer inquiries please contact:

Altus Brands, LLC
484 W. Welch Ct
Traverse City, MI 49686
800-891-3660 – 800-973-1741 fax

Gil and Vicki Ash currently have 16 different books and DVDS including three hardback books.

The newest addition to the hardback line is Traveling the Inner State – which highlights sports performance techniques for a successful life. The Ash’s have completed the audio book to their second hardcover, You Gotta Be Out of Your Mind, no time to read, then just listen!

Gil and Vicki Ash have been shooting sporting clays since 1982. Unlike other instructors, they are natural teachers who have studied and practiced not only shooting, but the psychology of learning and performance, and they have developed the most effective teaching approach in the industry. OSP’s common sense teaching method helps students understand how their eyes, mind and body function together. Once this is learned, understanding why they succeed or fail when shooting a shotgun becomes simple! The powerful insight from Gil and Vicki can be applied to all aspects of your personal life and business, making you not only a better shooter, but a better performer at everything you do. For more information regarding OSP Shooting School please visit or by calling 800.838.7533.