Smith & Wesson Introduces New BODYGUARD Line of Semi-Automatic Pistols

Smith & Wesson Introduces New BODYGUARD Line of Semi-Automatic Pistols
Company Launches New Compact Pistol and Revolver with Integrated Laser System.

Smith & Wesson
Smith & Wesson

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. –-( Smith & Wesson® Holding Corporation (NASDAQ Global Select: SWHC), parent company of Smith & Wesson Corp., the legendary 158-year old company in the global business of safety, security, protection and sport, announced today the introduction of company’s newest line of firearms designed for personal protection – the Smith & Wesson BODYGUARDS. The BODYGUARD 380 semi-automatic pistol and BODYGUARD 38 revolver have been designed in conjunction with Insight Technology®, a leader in the laser optics field, to offer consumers a new and uniquely engineered, lightweight, self-defense firearm with built-in laser sights.

Debuted this week at the 2010 Shooting Hunting & Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, the BODYGUARDS combine the latest advancements in laser technologies with Smith & Wesson’s innovative design and manufacturing capabilities. The new BODYGUARD line features a uniquely designed compact frame, an integrated INSIGHT laser and several other new high-tech advantages.

“Throughout the development of the BODYGUARDS, our engineers and product managers worked closely with end users to design and produce an innovative line of personal protection firearms,” said Michael Golden, CEO of Smith & Wesson Corp., a division of Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation. “Both the BODYGUARD 380 pistol and the BODYGUARD 38 revolver have been built with state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. Each provides a reliable and logical choice for those seeking a firearm for personal protection. In addition, our engineers worked closely with Insight Technology to design an integrated laser that not only improves target acquisition but also reduces the price of this technology so more customers can afford to use laser sighting systems. We are very pleased with the positive feedback we have received on the new BODYGUARD line from the numerous retailers and media professionals at the 2010 SHOT Show.”

BODYGUARD 380 Pistol
Compact, sleek and ergonomic, the BODYGUARD 380 delivers personal protection in an easy-to-carry platform. Chambered for .380 ACP, the lightweight pistol features a high-strength polymer frame with a black, Melonite® coated stainless steel slide and barrel. The new BODYGUARD 380 is standard with a 2 ¾-inch barrel, which contributes to an overall length of 5 ¼-inches and an unloaded weight of only 11.85 ounces.

The new pistol features a double-action fire control system, which allows for rapid second-strike capability. The BODYGUARD 380 has been further enhanced with a smooth trigger pull. Adding to its simplicity, the BODYGUARD 380 is standard with a manual thumb safety and an external take down lever and slide stop. On the lower portion of the frame, the pistol has been fitted with an integral INSIGHT laser, which is easily operated by both left and right-handed shooters. With its slim-line ergonomic grip, the pistol is comfortable in the hand and points naturally. To help aid in quick sight acquisition when the laser is not in use, the pistol includes black, Melonite-coated, stainless steel, drift adjustable dovetail sights. The BODYGUARD 380 is standard with a 6+1 magazine capacity.

BODYGUARD 38 Revolver
Chambered in .38 S&W Special +P, the BODYGUARD 38 continues Smith & Wesson’s line of reliable small-frame self-defense revolvers. The BODYGUARD 38 delivers the optimal combination of accuracy and simplicity. With its lightweight design, the BODYGUARD 38 allows for discreet carry and its hammerless design provides a snag-free presentation. The five-shot revolver features a short 1.9-inch barrel, which contributes to a compact overall length of 6.6 inches.

Weighing in at 14.3 ounces, the BODYGUARD 38 features a one-piece aluminum alloy upper frame along with a steel reinforced polymer lower frame. The barrel and cylinder on the revolver are both stainless steel. The stainless steel cylinder is coated with a durable, non-reflective, matte black PVD finish for long term carrying and low light presentation. Designed to accommodate both left and right-handed shooters, the revolver features an easily manipulated ambidextrous cylinder release on the top of the frame. The revolver is further enhanced with an ergonomic one-piece rubber grip and a smooth trigger pull.

On the right side of the frame, the revolver has been fitted with an integral INSIGHT laser, allowing precise shot placement in low light conditions. For fast target acquisition when the laser is not in use, the revolver sports a notch-style rear sight and a pinned black blade front sight. The BODYGUARD 38, with its double-action only design, can be easily concealed for discreet carry.

At the core of the new BODYGUARD line of firearms is the capability of the INSIGHT laser. Allowing for optimal accuracy, both the BODYGUARD 380 and 38 are fitted with a red laser sight produced in conjunction with Insight Technology. A world leader in the design, development and manufacture of tactical lasers, Insight Technology designed the integrated laser system to perfectly mate with the new pistol and revolver. Accurate, durable and easily adjusted, the integral laser provides shooters with added confidence by enabling quick sight acquisition under low light conditions.

The integrated laser sighting system enables faster target acquisition for shooters of all experience levels. By working closely together and designing the firearm and laser sight system to be integral, Smith & Wesson and Insight Technology have achieved a value positioning that allows more firearm customers to afford laser sighting system technology.

To activate the laser, users simply operate the push-button design located on top of the laser sight for the revolver and on the sides of the forward frame for the pistol. Ambidextrous and easily manipulated while holding the firearm in the shooting position, the laser sight features three modes. By pushing the button once, the laser is on a constant-on mode. A second push of the button enables the laser to go into pulse mode while a third press turns the laser off. The INSIGHT laser is equipped with an automatic five-minute auto off timer, to preserve battery life. In constant on mode, the laser provides three hours of continuous run time. The laser sight can be adjusted for both windage and elevation and no assembly is required. Two Energizer 357 or equivalent batteries power the laser on the BODYDGUARD handguns.

“With its advanced features and quality components, the new BODYGUARDS offer an easy-to-use, accurate and lightweight self-defense firearm,” said Golden. “The new BODYGUARD 380, 38 and their integral laser sight systems have been meticulously engineered from the ground up. Simple yet sophisticated, the new BODYGUARDS provide the satisfaction, durability and reliability that have become synonymous with Smith & Wesson firearms.”

About Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation (NASDAQ: SWHC) is a U.S.-based, global provider of products and services for safety, security, protection and sport. The company designs and constructs facility perimeter security solutions for military and commercial applications, and delivers a broad portfolio of firearms and related training to the military, law enforcement and sports markets. SWHC companies include Smith & Wesson Corp., the globally recognized manufacturer of quality firearms; Universal Safety Response, a full-service perimeter security integrator, barrier manufacturer and installer; and Thompson/Center Arms Company, Inc., a premier designer and manufacturer of premium hunting firearms. SWHC facilities are located in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Tennessee. For more information on Smith & Wesson and its companies, call (800) 331-0852 or log on to; ; or

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Gary Gardner

The problem was with the EAA S/N’s

I have 2 Smith & Wesson BG380 Bodyguards 380's in stock with 1 with a EAE S/N and the other one with EAB

I have not added them to Web Site yet, but I have them new in box in stock.

$460 each, plus S/H to your local FFL. They are getting very hard to come by.

Gary's Guns and Ammo LLC

Send Certified Bank check to me will send to your FFL.


For what it is worth, I bought one of each thinking that my wife would like the revolver, she has several S & W's, and I would take the 380. Well when I got them home, she asked me "Why can't I have both?" You know the rest of the story from there. I went back and bought two more. I paid $425 for the 380 and $469 for the revolver, twice. The prices are great, but the 380's are getting hard to come by. Get them while you can.


To answer Bill, I paid $462 for my Bodyguard 380. Love it. Trigger is a little stiffer than my M&P 9mm, but it fits perfectly in my pocket.


The Bodyguard 380 is a sweet little concealed carry. I bought one a week ago and have shot about 200 rounds through it. Shop around, the ammo is not cheap in some places. I bought some good Winchester rounds at

Any one know where I can find a magazine? Just comes with 1.


Wonder if the Peoples Republic of Kali-for-nia will allow. I like the .380, but that ammo is VERY hard to find and expensive IF found.

Frank Gibbons

I've read $585 for the automatic .380.


this looks like just the "right one" for my wife and I. She like the 38 and I love the 380 auto – smokin' hot! HOW MUCH DUDES?


How much does these cost?????????