Taurus’s New Judge Public Defender Polymer Revolver

Taurus Unveils the New Judge Public Defender Polymer Revolver

Taurus Judge Public Defender Polymer Revolver
Taurus Judge Public Defender Polymer Revolver
Taurus Firearms
Taurus Firearms

MIAMI, FL –-(AmmoLand.com)- Taurus is proud to unveil the revolutionary new Judge Public Defender Polymer.

This scaled down model of everyone’s favorite combo gun, the Taurus Judge, still gives the ability to fire the shooters choice of both .410 and .45 Colt ammunition – now in a size that fits in most pockets – also in a lighter, polymer body frame with new updates for improved handling and accuracy.

Just like its big brother, this little gun delivers amazing versatility and devastating firepower for self-protection. New features include an adjustable rear sight, body styling that conforms to the shooters grip for secure hold and a new target style hammer and trigger. The Public Defender Polymer is available in blued or stainless steel finishes and weighs only 27 ounces.

Capable of chambering both 2.5 inch .410 shotgun shells and .45 Colt ammunition, this amazing 5-shot combo gun is ideal for short distances – where most altercations occur – or longer distances with the .45 LC ammunition. The rifling has been finely tuned on this small frame revolver to spread the shot pattern at close quarters or to guide the bullet to the target.

All Taurus Judge models include a fiber optic front sight as well as Taurus’ ergonomic Ribber Grips. Additionally, like all Taurus handguns, the unique Taurus Security System® allows users to securely lock the gun using an inconspicuous key-lock.

Beginning as a small tool manufacturer in Porto Alegre, Brazil more than sixty years ago, Taurus has become a diversified, international company celebrating resounding success as one of the world’s leading small arms manufacturers. In 1941 the company produced its first revolver, and in 1984 changed the industry forever by offering customers an unqualified LIFETIME REPAIR POLICY™, posting record growth every year since. For additional information about Taurus and its complete line of products, visit www.taurususa.com.

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    1. I purchased the Public Defender in March 2013. I found that the gun is unbalanced / top heavy. I changed the OEM grips to Houge finger grips which solved the situation. Houge does not make a grip specifically for this revolver however I was able to fit the grips designed for the full-sized Judge. I had to use a longer butt screw due to the small frame and trim about 1/16″ around the trigger guard. Feels and works great.!

    2. I've recently attempted to purchase the Taurus Judge Public Defender Polymer at a recent gun show and at a local gun shop without success. I was told this firearm is not yet available. When can we expect Taurus to put this on the market?

      Thank you,

      — Mark

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