Urban Shooter – Hanging with Kenn in 2010

Urban Shooter – Hanging with Kenn in 2010

Urban Shooter
Urban Shooter

Upper Marlboro, MD –-(AmmoLand.com)- Happy New Year Urban Shooters, friends and family members! This will be year number three for the podcast and I am so happy you listen, share your life and world with me.

This podcast has expanded my territory. I created the Black Man With A Gun persona/website in 1999 with the hopes that I could get around to talk to the hard to reach groups about the RKBA.

What I didn’t realize was the cost it would take. Pro-gun people aren’t rich with loads of money to throw around. And the folks, companies and organizations that do have that kind of money didn’t want to give it to the likes of me for whatever reason.

I borrowed money from a cousin and self published my book in hopes that it would take me to where I needed to go. And then I met the guy they call Murphy. Everything that could go wrong did. I found out that being a firearms instructor in a city is less appreciated than a crack dealer. I didn’t make any money to support my activism. I got notoriety for being an oddity but no money to support my entrepreneurial goal of self reliance.

I used a lot of family money to pay for my activism. I almost lost my house, my wife and my job. That was the nineties for me. I survived bankruptcy, still married to the same woman and a lot of stuff that would make a grown man cry. This podcast is my chance to reach people without leaving my home. Thank you for being receptive to it. I’ve learned a lot over the past twenty years. So I sell everything from books, targets, patches, shirts to keep my head afloat and be self sufficient.

The studio is a room in my basement under the washer and drier of my house. As I learn the business of production, all my missteps have been MBA courses. Now with a PhD from the school of Hard Knocks. I know I can’t make it on my own. I’m here for advice if you need or want it and it doesn’t have to be gun related. OK?

At one time I wanted to get into radio. Now, not so much. I am happy to grow the podcast audience for as long as you are there. The show is growing steadily and I get surprised at least once a month by some one from a different place in the US that has heard the show. If you could help spread the word about it, that would be cool. Do you realize some folks still don’t know about podcast? Well, they can listen on their phones, (I have a mobile link too) and the computer if they don’t do the mp3 thing.

USA I have about forty active members of the Urban Shooter Association right now. They are the ones responsible for this newsletter, the bandwidth rental, my equipment, the ability to pay for stuff, the karaoke tunes I buy, the forum on blackmanwithagun.info and all of that. So please forgive me for seemingly ALWAYS pimping stuff. Right now, everything is equal. I just get enough to do what I do. I can’t expand or do anything new but I am happy with that. Thank you.


Crossbreedholsters.com I have one corporate sponsor right now and I love the guy for it because he took a chance on me like you did so you will see me wearing his logo like a fanboy. Who is that? Crossbreedholsters.com. I don’t care if there are a million other companies out there, Crossbreed holsters has my heart. They are a stand up company with the same mindset that we have. If you are looking for a holster or leather gear please put it on your search list.

Second Amendment March On April 19, 2010 here in Washington, DC there will be a gathering of grassroots pro-gun people called the Second Amendment March. It will be at the Washington Monument. A lot of the same people that I thought would help me get the message out back in the day are not helping this effort either. It’s going to be up to us to come out, represent America and be seen and heard. I am asking you to really consider coming out for a couple of days for the Second Amendment March. I’d love to have you visit my little church while you’re here but if you can just make the day, that would be great. The Urban Shooter Podcast is now the official podcast of the Second Amendment March. Come out and here people like Larry Pratt, Sheriff Mack, Michael Bane, Lt. Col Workman and former Rep. Dr. Suzanne Gratia-Hupp. Heck, we might even get Sarah Palin if her people go for it. Your participation is crucial. Plus I want to take a picture with you.

Zombie Strike © is still rolling. What started out as a one time skit has progressed into a Old Time Radio style novella. And I love it. I hope you do too. I hope to redo all the stories to date for an audio CD this year with the text.

Zombie Targets are still available. We have the Zombie 3.0 targets with little Suze as a no shoot element in the middle and Gory the Groom. I’ve seen the other zombie targets online and honestly they look a little weak. These are good posters as well as targets.

Urban Shooter Patches are still available for a limited time. They are $10 each and purchasing one helps support the show.

The book, “Black Man With A Gun” is still available, shipped first class to you for $10.

I will be in Las Vegas, NV from January 17-19, 2010 and staying at Circus Circus somewhere for my first attempt at being a media person. The SHOT show is from the 19-23rd I think so I will only be there for a part of the day before I have to boot and scoot back to DC. I have a new job and I have to work on some list to keep people from flying that week.

Well that is all the news for now. I think the Gun Rabbi will be traveling but hasn’t that been a good fit for the show? Please welcome and check out Richard’s Gun, Holsters and Gear.com blog too. “Shoot Don’t Shoot”, the next chapter of Zombie Strike and I don’t know what will be in the next show of the Urban Shooter Podcast before I arrive in Las Vegas. If you have a suggestion for me to cover for show 148, call or email your brother.

And last but not least, I am trying out for a slot on a new reality show called “Top Shot” as the host. I want to lose about twenty pounds and will start this week working on that. If you have any suggestions to help me, let me know.

Talk to you later family,
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Urban Shooter PodCast is a listener supported variety show podcast for all law abiding gun owners, air-soft, air-gun, and paintball enthusiasts of the city hosted by author, instructor and activist, Kenn Blanchard. The weekly shows share grassroots information on what’s going on, mixed with humor, guest interviews, commentary, gun safety, marksmanship and listener feedback. Visit: www.urbanshooterpodcast.com