New Vermont State Record Buck ‘The Milkhouse Buck’

New Vermont State Record Buck “The Milkhouse Buck”

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Outdoors Magazine

Vermont – -( For the second time in the past 14 months the Vermont Big Game Trophy Club’s non-typical whitetail deer record has been broken by a monster buck from Vermont’s past.

On Saturday, January 16, at the 18th annual Yankee Sportsman’s Classic, VBGTC Master Measurer and official Boone and Crockett Club measurer Ron Boucher measured a high, wide and heavy 17-pointer. Killed in 1930 in Norton, Vt. by George Ira Tice, the antlers tallied an incredible score of 196 5/8 gross and a net score of 190 6/8 on the strength of 28-inch main beams, a 22 6/8-inch inside spread, and an eye-popping outside spread of 29 inches.

Vermont's Milkhouse Buck
Vermont's Milkhouse Buck

Dubbed “The Milkhouse Buck” by Boucher, this gnarly rack hung in obscurity in the Tice’s milkhouse in Derby, Vermont for 70 years. The rack is now owned by Tice’s grandson, Paul Tice, of Milton, Vt.

Unlike the former state record, a 188-inch behemoth shot by Ron Moody in Starksboro in 1958, it seems that there have been no rumors of the existence of the new record antlers.

“When Paul Tice walked in with this set of antlers to be scored, I knew right away this buck was going to be something special,” said Boucher. “I measured the buck with the assistance of VBGTC measurer Pete Porter, and when we totaled up the score it was apparent that we did have a Boone and Crockett caliber whitetail. Since we were scoring in a busy sportsman’s show, I chose to take the rack to a quiet room to double-check all of my measurements and my math as well.”

Fellow B&C scorer and VBGTC co-founder Curtis Smiley also checked the math and verified that the “Milkhouse Buck” was indeed the new state record pending final review and acceptance by the VBGTC and B&C.

More information and photos of the Milkhouse Buck will be available shortly on the VBGTC website,

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