Wilson Combat Quality Custom Firearms

Wilson Combat Quality Custom Firearms
Article By Rob Haught

Wilson Combat
Wilson Combat

Berryville, AR – -(AmmoLand.com)- The name Wilson Combat has been associated with fine quality custom firearms since 1977. While best known for its line of custom 19ll pistols, in past years the company has expanded to include the Scattergun Technology line of shotguns and most recently they have thrown their hat into the AR-15 market.

While not content to merely copy everyone else in this regard and only produce a military clone, WC has drawn on the input of shooters from a wide spectrum of the shooting market and has produced a line of rifles to meet the needs of just about every shooter.

Wilson’s initial offering was called the UT-15, or Urban Tactical rifle. In the Post-Ban era it was configured to comply with Federal Law and sported a fixed A-2 Buttstock and a non birdcage type flash Hider. Now that the ban has unsettled and is no longer in effect the UT-15 can be had with a conventional 6 position collapsible stock and its trademark 16.25” fluted barrel and real flash hider. A flattop receiver will allow the customer his choice of iron sights or one of the many types of red dots or magnified optics.

The current production line of rifles also includes the new WC replacement AR-15 trigger system known as the TTU or Tactical Trigger Unit. Available in either single stage or two stage configurations, they greatly enhance the trigger pull on this type of weapon platform.

Perhaps no other weapon platform since the 1911 pistol has produced so many aftermarket parts and accessories as the AR-15. An entire industry has developed to supply the demand for these rifles. Wilson Combat has responded to this market by bringing to the shooter accessories that reflect the tastes and needs of serious shooters. Not content with merely copying what others have done, WC has looked at each one of it’s accessories with the practical application in mind and made several common sense changes to what is normally seen on these parts.

One that stands out the most is WC’s unique rendition of the free floating accessory rail hand guard… While others are looking for every possible attachment point along the forearm, The WC model is streamlining the available rail space and using only what is practical and smoothing the Rest for more comfortable shooting. When I first saw one of the pre-production models I was skeptical of it having only used the normal configurations. After using one, I’m sold on the concept.

The concept of the AR-15 Carbine started out to be a handy, lightweight rifle. Nowadays look at the Cover of any “Tactical” shooting magazine and I’ll bet there will be a rifle that is practically a crew served weapon on the cover with so much hanging off the gun. This is not what the average shooter needs or wants.

WC also recognizes that some parts are so popular with shooters and work so well that no further enhancement is needed and supplies those parts on the rifle packages they offer such as MagPul stocks and Ergo Grips among others.

Another standard package offered by WC is the ever popular M4-T TC which is the civilian legal version of the military’s M4 Carbine. This is offered with the M4 profile barrel and flat top upper. TTU Trigger group, 6 position collapsible stock and WC back up iron sights or BUIS. Also standard is the hand guard mentioned above. Finish off with WC’s Armor Tuff proprietary metal finish and you have a Rifle that will handle just about any task.

Never one to set on it’s laurels, WC has introduced two new models for 2010 that I’m particularly excited about. In response to the popularity of the military Special Purpose Rifle concept, WC has added The SPR model to this years catalog. Designed in part to give members of the military enhanced longer-range capability, the SPR was designed to allow the use of the standard M16A1 or A2 lower receiver and adding an 18” free floated barrel and a magnification optic such as a 3×9 power to allow for hits at longer Range than a standard issue iron sighted M16. The concept has been very successful in the field and that has fueled the demand for a civilian version such as the WC model. The WC SPR Rifle boasts a match grade 1-7” twist barrel that allows the use of heavier bullets for long Range accuracy and terminal ballistics. A fixed A2 style butt stock and rifle length gas system under the free floating rail hand guard, a TTU Trigger group with a crisp 4lb trigger pull, pretty much round off the package. With quality optics and good ammo this should be a tack driver capable of filling the role of Law Enforcement or varmint hunter rifle.

Wilson Combat Recon 6.8SPC Rifle
Wilson Combat Recon 6.8SPC Rifle

The latest rifle project at WC is the development of the 6.8 series of rifles. The 6.8x43mm or 6.8 as it is commonly referred to was initially developed by members of the US Army Marksmanship Unit as a possible replacement for the 5.56mm NATO cartridge as our service caliber. It offered increased down range terminal ballistics and not much in the way of increased recoil or loss of magazine capacity. The only thing it didn’t have was the word NATO behind it unfortunately, and so was doomed as far as adoption as a service caliber. That didn’t keep its utility as a medium size game cartridge from being explored and it has caught on. WC president Bill Wilson is an avid hunter and has brought the AR-15 platform to its full potential with the 6.8 line of rifle models being offered this year.

For the whitetail deer or hog hunter this is just about perfect in terms of a compact hard hitting caliber. With factory loaded 110 grain ammunition available that reaches 2500fps, this is about perfect medicine for a feral pig. The 6.8 Lightweight Hunter is the ideal platform for using practical accessories like red dots and other types of optics with low light capability as well as offering mounting solutions for white lights for use in areas where it is legal such as Texas to hunt hogs after dark. The ability to have rapid follow up shots is nice when facing the possibility of a wounded pig at night as well.

For the customer who is interested in home defense or tactical use of the 6.8 caliber WC also offers a version to suit that purpose. The Recon 6.8SPC model has a choice of 16 or 18”, 1-11” twist barrels. It also has a mid length low profile gas block and a fold down front sight that allows for lower mounting of any optic you might want to use. A quad rail for end allows for mounting accessories and it’s equipped with a single stage TTU trigger group and Magpul CTR buttstock and MOE pistol grip. Finish this off with your choice of Black, Green, Grey or Tan Armor Tuff finish and you have the ultimate defensive rifle.

For the shooter who appreciates the efforts that go into a custom firearm, Wilson Combat has become THE place to go for all your shooting needs. From the industries finest 1911 pistols to tactical shotgun models that are so good they are sole sourced by many Gov’t. customers and now a full line of AR-15 style Rifles and accessories to meet every need.

I can’t wait to see what’s next!


Founded in 1977, Wilson Combat has grown to include more than 50 employees – no one else in the custom gun business has as many professionals, as many years of experience, or as much history with hand-crafting custom guns as we do. Here’s an idea of the type and number of years experience you will find at Wilson Combat. Visit: www.wilsoncombat.com

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