2010 Wyoming Big Game Application Period Now Underway

2010 Wyoming Big Game Application Period Now Underway

Wyoming Game & Fish Department
Wyoming Game & Fish Department

Wyoming –-(AmmoLand.com)- In Wyoming the beginning of a new year has special significance for hunters for the coming fall seasons. Even though most seasons are at least nine months away, now is the time when hunters must start making preparations to obtain licenses for the 2010 big game hunting seasons.

By now many hunters have either received an application booklet or have checked out the application process on the Game and Fish website . The Game and Fish is now accepting nonresident applications for all big game species with the first deadline this year being Feb. 1 for elk. Other deadlines are Feb. 28 for resident and nonresident moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goat and March 15 for nonresident deer and antelope.

Last month more than 59,000 application booklets were mailed to nonresident hunters who mailed in an application in 2008. An additional 62,000 postcards were sent out to individuals who applied on line. According to license draw manager Aaron Pelto, postcards were sent instead of application booklets to hunters who applied on line to cut down on printing and postage costs. The postcards informed hunters of application periods and provided a number to call for those who wanted a printed application booklet.

This year doesn't have the major changes that were implemented a few years ago. Deer hunters who haven't been to Wyoming for several years need to be aware that in 2008 the old nonresident Region C was divided into two regions. Region C of previous years encompassed the north central portion of the state covering the eastern half of the Big Horn Mountains extending eastward to the Gillette area. The portion of Region C west of Interstate 25 is now Region Y. The portion east of the interstate is Region C. Each region is assigned separate quotas and the drawing is based on those quotas. Since the region division was implemented, drawing odds in both Region C and Region Y have been 100 percent. As mentioned each region has its own quota. For example in 2009, the quota for nonresident deer licenses was 3,100 in Region C and 2,200 in region Y. In 2007, the last year these areas were one region, the total quota was 6,000. Hunters need to take extra care to look at the boundary map in the application booklet and make certain they are applying for the appropriate region.

As with last year, license application can be made online or through the mail. Application deadlines are the same for online apps as for applications received through the mail. But, applying online has its advantages, most notably in improving the accuracy of the application. If something is amiss such as wrong monetary amount or invalid license type numbers, those errors are noted and must be corrected before the application can be accepted. The computer cannot read your mind. It is still your responsibility to enter the area you want to hunt and if you meant to enter one hunt area and listed another you would be entered in the drawing for an area you didn't want.

To this end, the G&F goes to great lengths to help hunters plan their fall hunting trips. Hunters with questions about the application process or any other questions about Wyoming hunting, access, hunt regulations, hunt area boundaries, etc can call 307-777-4600. Hopefully, hunters are well enough informed that there will be no surprises once the licenses are issued and later on when the hunting season opens.

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