Alaska Firearms Freedom Act Needs Your Support

Alaska Firearms Freedom Act Needs Your Support
HB 186 is in committee and needs your phone calls and emails.

Anchorage Second Amendment Task Force
Anchorage Second Amendment Task Force

Anchorage, AK –-( HB 186 is a bill pertaining to states rights regarding firearms.
Currently there are 33 states that have passed or are considering similar Firearms Freedom Act legislation.

The current Status of HB 186 is that it has had one hearing in the senate judiciary committee in which it was “Heard and held” there is going to be another hearing in the judiciary committee date unknown.

I talked to Derek Miller who is on Mike Kelly’s Staff and is handling HB186, he is hoping to have the senate judiciary committee hold another hearing on it within a week.

After which it goes to the senate finance committee.  So now would seem to be a good time to email all the committee members.

It turns out that mike Kelly is the one who sponsored House amendment # 1 which changed sec 2 (d) line 18 from “Shall” to “May”. Derek told me that the reason he did that had something to do with executive power I didn’t really understand, I think the idea is that this protects the AG from having to defend every Federal firearms law violator who claims HB 186 as his protection.

  • House amendment # 1
  • All four versions of the bill
  • The version that is in the senate judiciary committee

HB186 is presently in both the Senate Finance and Judiciary Committees. The following is a listing of the member makeup of each of those committees;

The Senate Judiciary Committee:

The Senate Finance Committee:

To the best that I could research; presently HB 186 has been read in the Judiciary Committee, but no action, as of yet in the Finance Committee. Mike Kelly wrote and Sponsored the Bill, and 13 other Representatives have signed on as Co-Sponsors.

Now is the time when we all begin to bombard each of these Committee Members with e-mails and telephone calls showing our support for this Bill being passed!

Also, you may contact each Senator, individually, and lobby for them to Sponsor HB 186, again speaking of your support for this Bill being passed. Please spend a few minutes supporting this bill.

Many thanks to Len Betts and The Second Amendment Sisters for researching this information.

Thank You For Your Support

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