Coming Up On Armed American Radio – February 28 2010

Coming Up On Armed American Radio – February 28 2010
The Official Voice of the USCCA
by Mark Walters

Armed American Radio
Armed American Radio

Jackson, WI –-( The unbelievable growth of Armed American Radio continues! Last week I welcomed Modesto, CA and now Statesboro, GA joins AAR beginning on 3-14-2010 along with Delray Beach, FL on the same night.

In addition it looks like Tulsa Ok may be adding us to their LIVE lineup as early as April 1st…I’ll keep you posted on station and dates. Last weeks show was outstanding as I was joined in studio by 3 of the most down to earth folks you could imagine. Their story is all over the internet and hitting some major news outlets.

Seems JP Mitchell and Matt Brannan were dining at the Waffle House in Kennesaw, GA a couple of months back when a scout for a heavily armed robbery crew came wandering in. Unbeknownst to JP and Matt, who were alert and paying attention to the “out of place” young man, their OPENLY CARRIED handguns sent the scout outside to inform the crew there were guns in the store. An alert waitress, Lynn noticed the suspicious car and its occupants and called police.

The crew was arrested in the parking lot with rifles, handguns, masks and other “tools of the trade”! Seems during the interrogation, they admitted the openly carried weapons had kept them from going in to rob the place until the “guns” left! Imagine that! Head over to to listen to their story in hour 2!

Coming up this week, Sheriff Mack will join me along with the grassroots folks from Ohioans for Concealed Carry and the Nevada Gun Owners. In addition, we’ll open up the Roundtable for another great night of FREEDOM on the nations airwaves!

Oh yeah, and check out our press release as we continue to refine and grow the broadcast to focus on the things YOU want to talk about!

Rob Pincus joins me EVERY THIRD WEEK as an official co-host to talk about training and everything else related to your CCW needs and desires!

Don’t forget to pick up a copy of my book, co-written with Kathy Jackson Lessons from Armed America, by heading to amazon or any other major online book retailer!

For more information on AAR, please visit me over at

If you get the chance, tune in to the G. Gordon Liddy Show MONDAY, 3-1-2010 between 11:00am and noon as I’ll be a guest on the show for the entire hour. There’s a slight possibility that by the time you read this there may have been a program change but as of press time, we’re all set to talk about our right to keep and bear arms on the G-Mans nationally syndicated radio show!

Join the ever growing fan base of one of the fastest growing radio programs in the nation by becoming a fan over at Facebook under Armed American Radio!

I’ll see you on the radio THIS weekend! Be there!

Armed American Radio is the most free-thinking, politically incorrect radio station in the U.S.A. We discuss liberty, self-defense, weapons, family, friends, and life. Visit:

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