New Hang-On’ Buddy Treestand Mounting System – Safer, Easier – More Versatile

New Hang-On’ Buddy Treestand Mounting System – Safer, Easier – More Versatile

Hang-On’ Buddy Treestand Mounting System
Hang-On’ Buddy Treestand Mounting System
Predator Innovations
Predator Innovations

Fogelsville PA –-( Predator Innovations, LLC has invented a better way to hang treestands with their new Hang-On Buddy™ Treestand Mounting System.

Not only does this unique product allow for an easier, safer way to hang and remove treestands but it also offers greater versatility in treestand placement.

This sturdy, easy to use product reduces the awkward, challenging and sometimes precarious task of installing a treestand.

Jason Werkheiser explains: “The Hang-On Buddy is a two part system consisting of a steel Mounting Base that is secured to the tree and Universal Mounting Hooks that are bolted onto the treestand. The Mounting Base is secured on the tree with a ratchet strap, where it can remain until ready to install the stand. The Mounting Hooks are then easily hooked into the Base and further secured with a locking pin. What this allows is an easier, faster and safer installation and removal of the stand. It also allows the hunter to adapt more treestand positions to move easily when necessary. In addition, it helps eliminate the threat of treestand theft, as the treestand can be quickly taken down at the end of the day.”

The Hang-On Buddy is made of 1/8” plate steel and has been tested by independent testing firms for structural strength and validated to over 1400lbs.

Werkheiser continued: “The Hang-On Buddy receives praise from many hunters who see a quality product that is relatively inexpensive, light weight, convenient and easy to use. This allows them to install a treestand with greater safety and ease and allows them to move one treestand from base to base to match hunting conditions. Not to mention taking their treestand out of the woods with them and preventing theft.”

For information contact:
Predator Innovations – 877-831-1525. – e-mail [email protected]
On the web at: – Dealer Inquiries Welcomed

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Randy Stoneroad

Hey do u know where or who I can talk to about one of these brackets for mounting my hangon treestand in the tree thanks