Introducing the K5 Firearm Safety Chamber Flag Device

Introducing the K5 Firearm Safety Chamber Flag Device

Keith Suddes, LLC – Law Enforcement Resources
Keith Suddes, LLC – Law Enforcement Resources

Central New Jersey, USA –-( The ‘K-5 firearm safety device’ has been researched and developed by a 20 year veteran, expert police firearm instructor who, having witnessed a number of injuries during law enforcement training was motivated to further improve gun safety.

The design was refined following feedback from end users (federal agents, tactical officers and firearm instructors, military personnel and other law enforcement practitioners).

The ‘K5 Firearm Safety Device’ is very easy-to-use, very effective and very affordable. Its ‘one-size-fits-all’ design allows it to be used in most handguns, semi/fully automatic rifles and carbines. From 9mm to .50 caliber.

With the device in place it is impossible for a live round to be fed into the barrel and it clearly displays to any observer that the firearm is safe to handle.

The ‘K5 Firearm Safety Device’ is constructed of a highly visible, special, phosphorescent polymer which is flexible enough to allow a handgun to be holstered while in place. As it glows in the dark, it also provides a visual indicator in a low-light training environment that a firearm is safe to use. When the device begins to fade simply expose it to a flash light and it will continue to glow (lasting up to 1 hour at a time).

Much of Law Enforcement and Military training takes place in low light or dark conditions. This chamber flag is specifically designed to glow in the dark so that safety officers can be assured that all firearms being used during a scenario or exercise are clearly safe to point at students.

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In summary:

  • No more purchasing different caliber safety devices for different firearms.
  • One size fits all. (Designed to fit most calibers of handgun and semi/fully automatic carbines and rifles)
  • No more stripping your firearm to make the device fit into the barrel or in fact replacing the barrel.
    Very easy to use. (Simply place the device into the barrel when the slide/working parts are held to the rear.)
  • No more paying over the odds for a simple but very effective device.
    Very Affordable. (The device is priced very competitively when compared with similar chamber flags.)
  • No more worrying about safety in low light / dark training environments.
    Glows in the Dark. (A special phosphorescent polymer which glows in low light following exposure to light.)
  • No more using bits of rope, plastic or tape to show a safe firearm.
    Highly Visible. (This device is specifically designed to display a safe firearm.)
  • No more need to remove your ‘chamber flag’ when holstering your handgun.
    Flexible Design. (The device will bend when you holster a handgun and spring back when removed from holster.)

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