Personal Armament Podcast – A New Firearms Community Resource

Personal Armament Podcast – A New Firearms Community Resource

Personal Armament Podcast -  Photo:
Personal Armament Podcast - Photo:
Personal Armament Podcast
Personal Armament Podcast

Sycamore, IL -( The Personal Armament Podcast was started at the end of 2009 as a personal venture meant to provide an informative and entertaining show for firearms enthusiasts.

A new show is released each Tuesday. Less than two months into it, we have seen an amazing response and the show is going farther than I ever envisioned.

The podcast has segments including:

  • The Reloading Corner, where we cover tips and gear pertinent to the reloader
  • The Gear Report, where we talk about new and exciting guns and gear
  • The Object of Outrage, where we discuss firearms related news items (good and bad)

We have received lots of positive feedback, but most of the praise is for the interview segments:

Alan S. said, ” I also really enjoy your interviews, I believe that that’s a big reason why your podcast separates itself from others.”

James M. said, “Love the podcast. Your last guests, Mike Gaddy and Rory Miller were awesome. They really have good information…Thanks, and I look forward to your future work.”

Dale H. said, “Enjoyed podcast #4 a lot, nice interview with Mr. Michel.”

In the last 4 weeks, we have interviewed:

  • Patrick Flanigan – Exhibition Shooter
  • Max Michel – Competition shooter
  • Derek – Blogger and SHOT Show attendee
  • Mike Gaddy – Firearms Instructor and Writer
  • Rory Miller – Trainer and author of “Meditations on Violence”

Podcast #7 will be released on Tuesday, February 9th and features fantastic interviews with Massad Ayoob(renowned author and firearms trainer) and Cope Reynolds(author, firearms trainer, gunsmith). We strive to provide our listeners with interviews from some of the most knowledgeable individuals in the firearms community.

You can listen on the website or subscribe: With iTunes

The Personal Armament Podcast is a family friendly show and is free of profanity, inappropriate references, etc.

Rob Robideau
Personal Armament Podcast
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